Party On, Dudettes!

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Bogus! Egregious! Heinous! Excellent! Yatta! Triumphant!

Last night, my colleagues, consisting of the most excellent Sarah and Ahmi, and I gathered together in what is known as the headquarters of absolute silliness, aka Sarah’s flat. We made arrangements to celebrate those two ladies’ birthday as a sleepover, much like what we did last year. We ordered from a bogus Japanese-style restaurant, where the food were very Yatta-ish, and then we started to have fun with our drinks. Influenced by our Japanese foods, we watched the Yatta! music video.

To continue more of our goofiness, we watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Man, that was a bogus film. I loved meeting all those historical figures, and Keanu Reeves was actually DECENT in this movie for a change. Totally heinous, dudes.

After Bill and Ted, we watched Waterboys. Ahmi and I had already seen it, but since Sarah didn’t, we decided to just watch it again and laugh like the most excellent hyenas we already are. We all came to the conclusion that men in speedos, no matter how hot the man is, do not look sexy at all. Luckily, there weren’t much to see with those guys in speedos… *coughcoughcough*

After two films and a bunch of conversation about random stuff, we finally crashed into dreamland at about four in the morning today. Our plan was to sleep in and then wake up and watch the second Bill and Ted movie. However, the most egregious thing happened to me, something where I wished cellphones were not invented. At the most ungodly hour of 10:30 this morning, my cellphone rang, and it was my aunt calling me to get my butt home by noon, claiming she needed to talk to me about something important. So important that she wouldn’t tell me what it was about on the phone.

Unwillingly, our party ended prematurely. To add more fuel to the burning fire of my annoyances, I arrived home to find my most excellent mother and aunt knocked out asleep. Right. How bodacious of them to sleep on me after I was forced to come home early. *sighs*

Aside from that, it was an awesome party. My mind is now filled with distorted images of So-crates, Beeth Oven, Sigmund Frood, Mr. The Kid, and all those other hilarious characters of the movie. Combine that with the Yatta song and images of men in speedos or underwear . . . Could my life get any more bizarre and excellent than it already is? Perhaps, not, so let’s party on and be excellent to each other!


  1. Say, I was up till 4 this morning and just woke up about an hour ago. Greetings from the motherland. Seoul’s changed a lot since the last time I was here!

  2. Waterboys is hilarious!!!!!!

  3. Dark Maylee on


    I love Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It’s such a lame movie but I love it. Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey is lame. :(

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