Hwangab and Chuseok

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Man, so busy lately! Aside from subbing for sixth grade science this week (HOMG they are LOUD), this past Sunday my place was ambushed by relatives to celebrate my mother’s 환갑 (hwangab). That is also known as my mum’s 60th birthday; instead of celebrating the big 5-0 like the United States, Koreans celebrate the big 6-0.

Let’s just say that was an interesting experience. We went to a Galbi restaurant somewhere in Gangnam-gu, Apgujeong-dong area. My relatives saw me drink soju, and some of them thought that was just superbly amazing. Don’t ask me why. I mean, I am 22 for heaven’s sake! Then I had to be a hostess of some sort to my grandmother, aunt, and my younger cousins. Later I stopped by the Karaoke place in my neighbourhood and impressed and shocked some more of my relatives by singing Korean old-people songs, which I affectionately call them the Ahjumma songs. Ahjumma is a Korean word for older, married woman. XD

Technically, my mum’s birthday is next week, but we had it a week earlier since this upcoming weeknd is 추석 (Chuseok), the Korean version of Thanksgiving, one of the MAJOR holidays in Korea. With all that hassle, with most of my relatives going down to the south like Gwangju and Daejon, it was easier to have it earlier.

I am glad that it is over, though. I did not enjoy staying up till 2am on Monday morning, getting only about three hours of sleep, and then sub for a bunch of sixth graders. O_O Monday was not my best day this week. Thankfully, the rest of the week’s been okay, so far. Just really busy as usual!


  1. I miss having relatives around! We don’t have any relatives here in Australia and we don’t have alot of close friends so get togethers are really a bit rare for me. But good on yah for hosting your mum’s bday! Oh, happy 60th bday to her!

  2. Did they like watching you drink soju because you were stumbling around like a clumsy drunk? ;)

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