Bookpolar Day

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Henceforth, instead of bipolar, my new word is “bookpolar” after the ridiculous amount of book-related issues I had today.

My day started off kind of depressing with a death of a student. Had I known her, I’d be more impacted, but just the mere idea of someone dying so young sort of set an ugly tone for me today. The next two hours were spent bumming around the high school campus and me going after the Queen of the Xerox Machine award yet again.

Then I had to go to the post office to finally return a book (a manga) to Amazon. This was the second misprinted copy I received… BLARGH. The line there was long. Luckily, though, I didn’t stay that long, but being in line for any reason just always puts me in a very bad mood. Yes, I’m very impatient.

Then I went upstairs to talk to my academic advisor where I got my GPA update, which is 3.867. I asked if it will be a 3.9 after I finish my last four classes with an “A,” and he say it could be. No, I am not going spend the next three hours trying to calculate it. The last time I did, I kept getting different answers.

I stopped by the computer lab to register for my online class proctored exam. Then I happened to check my email and I received a Facebook notification that “BKL” messaged me. Now BKL is an old friend of mine since seventh grade. I nearly screamed when I saw that since I’ve been trying to find him the last few months and whatnot… HALLELUJAH INTERNET.

Deciding to get the rest of my errands done for the week, I decided to go to the library to see if it had any of the books I needed for my Sunday class. Only one existed. Okay, make that one and a half. The half is a damn audiobook instead of an actual book. Borrowed that and decided to just go ahead and buy the rest for $77. On the flip side, I’ve gained a free book: The Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

I moosied along to the credit union where I waited in line again. After I convinced the lady that I wasn’t over 22 (to get a free money order, which applies to me since I’m not over 22, but the lady somehow miscalculated my birthday and thought I was 23 X_X), I got the MO, said hello to my daddy who came there as well, and went to get the rest of the books. After being told that I could choose one from two of the books, I got annoyed. In the end, I decided to just get all of them since I already had the MO in my hand, and I was not looking forward to going back to yet another line to get a new MO.

In the end, I ended up with eight books in my possession, today. Ten if you include the two volume anthology set that arrived for me in the mail today. Here’s my lovely list of what I have to decorate my bookcase with now. I mean, after all, the purpose of these books is to make my bookcase look more intelligent.

* The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry for $82.09 (plus shipping)
* On the Road by Jack Kerouac from the library.
* Mexico City Blues by Jack Kerouac for $9.00
* Junky by William S. Burroughs for 14.00
* Queer by William S. Burroughs for 11.00
* The Beat Book: Poems and Fictions of the Beat Generation by Anne Waldman for $17.00 (The only hardback copy…)
* The Portable Beat Reader by Ann Charters for $18.00 (WTF, a paperback more expensive than the hardback?!)
* Dutchman and the Slave by Davy LeRoi Jones for $8.00

*sighs* If anyone asks me to sum up college in five words or less, this would be it: College textbooks are bloody expensive!!!! $160 down the drain for TWO classes. BLARGH! Why, oh why is education so effing wonderful and needed but so expensive?! And for the umpteenth time, why did I choose ENGLISH as my major?! *bang head* The only thing I get is a great looking bookcase, filled with books I claim to have read, and I gain the skills to masterfully BS through any essays and papers.

…Right. Yes, I’m being snarky using very odd humour. As I said at the beginning, this is a BOOKpolar day!


  1. Boo Jack Kerouac. BOO! But I love the Portable Beat Reader.

    Ever notice how English majors live of of Norton Anthologies?

    Good luck with all of those books!

  2. I think textbooks were more expensive when I was in school, in the era where we couldn’t find deals on books, and were stuck buying them at the university’s book store. ;)

  3. Where are you studying?

    Woohoo free book! I love getting freebies.. then I go home and realise I don’t need them and then I chuck them away. HAHAHA. But free books! I got one before and thought it wasn’t a good book, until I reached the end and I just loved it! :P

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