Registered for School

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First day of “work” went well on Monday. Afterwards, I had to register for classes. Those two hours were spent miserably, and I didn’t get to register until Tuesday. Today, I just received my confirmation letter for my online class, so now I can relax a bit. Considering that I went to bed last night at 7pm and woke up today at 6am… yes, Monday must’ve taken a toll on me more than I originally thought!

Starting next week, I shall have fun with these two subjects:

* ENGL 345: Modern Poetry @ Adelphi Distance Education from Sept 4 to Dec 18.
* ENGL 439Oa: The Beats @ every Sunday from 9am to 4pm, face-to-face, first class on Sept 9 for seven weeks.

This should prove interesting. When I’m not stuffing my face with modern poetry, I will be possessed with Jack Kerouac and whoever else from the Beats era. And when I am not going insane with the Beats, I will be frustrated with T.S. Eliot and the other poets from the modern times. Great. This is one of those times I ask myself why I’m an English major. X_X;; I guess I should be glad I am not taking Shakespeare, especially with distance education! Man, Shakespearean English is a different language on its own.

…Then again so are the Beats and modern poets’ English. *sighs* I just hope the modern poetry class’ workload isn’t a miserable one.


  1. I’m taking 2 English classes too. D: But I can’t imagine just taking two English classes… D:

    …And 9 to 4? You must be insane. o__________O I’d definately die.

    Have fun for the rest of the no-school time?

    And long time no talk, Tara chan.

  2. …Does that mean that all your quarterly grades don’t matter…? o________O
    That’s INSANE!!!

  3. Ah, Eliot s’alright – try his poetry after he converted (to Christianity). What a change! Completely make sense, no layers.

    You can do it Tara! You so klevar! And you’ve always seemed to juggle all your stuff very well…

  4. Boo to both of those classes! Best of luck making it through.

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