Bokononism, HAH!

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…After I read this atrocious little tidbit in the news world, I have more negative commentary against these so-called hypocritical Christians. (And no I am not saying every Christians are hypocrites, but rather some are, as in the ones whose reputation even belittles the good Christians). While I strongly believe that people are entitled to their opinions, this little incident just goes up and beyond opinions. Death of anyone, Veterans, civilians, children, parents, heterosexuals, and homosexuals and hell even animals like our pets deserve a service if one wishes it! And to deny a Veteran? Wow. So much for love thy neighbour and for showing patriotism in the United States.

This coincidentally falls in line with me discovering a new religion: Bokononism! Created by the ever so venerable Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. *grins* I personally think obscure religion, especially one made up for fiction, cracks me up! They are so bizarre but makes absolute sense!

This week I read two of his books. The first one is Galápagos and the other one is Cat’s Cradle. It is with the latter where the whole concept of Bokononism takes place. I enjoyed both of these immensely, but then again, Vonnegut’s black humour is priceless. Both are unique in their own way… but I think Galápagos is slightly up higher on my ranking list than the other. That’s probably due to the most awesomest quote I came upon reading. I mean, in both books, there were plenty of moments that brought a smile to my face, but this quote from Galápagos literally cracked me up while I was reading it at Hell Beans:

I thought that was pretty good. So then I disturbed my father at his typewriter, and asked him what my heritage was from his side of the family. I didn’t know then what a sperm was, and so wouldn’t understand his answer for several years. “My boy,” he said, “you are descended from a long line of determined, resourceful, microscopic tadpoles — champions every one.”

— Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., from Galápagos.

I am not sure why it cracked me up so horribly, but then again my sense of humour can be quite odd at times. But yes, Kurt Vonnegut is a damn genius, and I still think it’s a shame that we lost one of the best writers of the twentieth century.


  1. Wow that is unbelievable. Church declined because someone was gay? A veteran? That is unbelievable! I need to ask around if christians are all agaisnt homosexuals. It said the church thought homosexuality is a sin. Ouch.

    But hey! I’m glad to see new upates! Love the picture!!

  2. I don’t really get how people can have so much bitterness. I’m a Christian but I don’t go around belittling people. I’m in no position to judge, comment on, or criticise people because we all have sinned and we each have skeletons in our closet. Whatever they are going through in their sexual and spiritual conquests, that’s between themselves and God. If people need anything else, that’s respect. No condemning or judging. Aiyah!

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