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With the exception of last Sunday and Tuesday, I’ve been hanging out like a mofo. Damn, I’m so popular. Right. In my dreams. Here’s a breakdown of what I did.

Saturday, July 28: Last day of class, celebrated it by hanging out with AJ, and I cannot remember what we did o_O;;

Monday, July 30: Met my good friend Sexy and Ahmi. Ahmi and I hung out first after my job interview, then Sexy joined us later, and Sexy nearly killed Ahmi and me from too much laughingitis.

Wednesday, August 1: Ahmi and I went bowling where we played two games, and then we hung out at a HOF in my neighbourhood.

Thursday, August 2: Sexy came over to my house at about 9:00pm, and then we went to a random cafe.

Friday, August 3: o_O What the hell did Sexy and I do that day?! *mind goes absolutely blank. Was that the day where we went to Dongdaemun and Myeong-dong?! I think it was! *dies at how bad my memory is*

Saturday, August 4: Met AJ and Ahmi to watch The Simpsons Movie, which was quite enjoyable. Then AJ and I had dinner at Dragon, and then after that, I met up with Sexy again afterwards where we went to that HOF I went earlier in the week.

Sunday, August 5: I met AJ again at Coffee Beans before I met Mike where we had dinner and whatnot. Then afterwards, I met Sexy and we hung out McDonald’s in Itaewon. Boy, this day kept me quite occupied.

Monday, August 6: Sexy and I met up and hung out at Sarah’s place before we went back to McDonald’s.

O_O Wow. Talk about one dizzy social life. OI!


  1. Well, you do more hanging out then I do. But you know, popularity is overrated.

  2. Popp's Lover on

    I love you.

  3. My site’s back up! Woohoo! :P

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