Real Summer Vacation

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Now that term five ended officially for me today, is it safe to assume that my real summer vacation started now? I hope so.

Much enjoyment will be created during this newly found freedom of not having to worry about going to school for a month or so.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t ease my nerve about a job interview on Monday. X_X;; Oi. And of course if I do get the job, then I have to go back into the work force… Oh well! But until I do get a job, I shall live it up of being a free bum by creating much fanfictions, RPing, and all the other fun stuff I want to do!


  1. Heather on

    From school to work… its all a plan to rob us of our summers, isn’t it? So I hope you get this job you’re interviewing for, and that it allows you just enough of time to do nothing! :)

  2. Belinda on

    Ooh how did your interview go?

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