A Respite of Anticipation

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I should be sleeping. Seriously, I should if I want all the energy to concentrate on the last Harry Potter book. But I can’t sleep! I’m just too antsy, too jumpy. I feel like I’m waiting for one of those Korean executioner to cut my head off with those big swinging Attila the Hun style swords. Another closure is coming upon me in the next twenty hours. The end of the Harry Potter series.

I find it ironic that I will always remember the day when the last Harry Potter book comes out, with that being the day I also read the last book, but if anyone was to ask me when I first read the books, my answer would be a shrug and a “I don’t know.” Seriously, I do not remember when I first read the first book. All I know is that sometime in 1999 and 2000, I read the book. I know I read all four books by the time I became a sophomore in high school. I know that for sure because that’s the topic Eric and I talked about, which ensured our friendship since then.

Before I read the books, I admit that I did think of the series as one of those “overrated things that I don’t want to deal with,” but after reading the first book, I was engrossed, fascinated by it, and ever so glad I borrowed it from a friend. After that I read the third and the fourth book (or was it that I read the third book before I read the second book?!) and then read the second book. Since then I was hooked. I became a follower of the series. Which led to me joining the Harry Potter fandom in June 2002.

I’ve been waiting for this day since I became a die-hard fan of the series. After seven years of waiting, I’ll finally know the end of the series. Much like when the last Lord of the Rings film came out, I will have the answers and all my curiosity will be fulfilled. It’s amazing how much a book series can impact a person’s life, isn’t it? It certainly did with mine. To the point I’m willing to skip class to buy the book and read it almost non-stop, much like I did with the last two books. All of this will be a fitting end.

…Now let’s just hope I do get a copy!

ETA: And I did get a copy for $22.74!


  1. Listening to you talk about reading these books and how it has impacted your life reminds me of how I was in high school with the Vampire Chronicles from Anne Rice. Although I am not into Harry Potter I understand how you feel :) Hang onto those books maybe one day your kids will pick them up and start reading!

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