Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All

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I’m on a gaming rampage or something. I’ve beaten three games just this month alone. Holy cow. That’s a record for me.

Objection! Get to the point of this entry!

*gives the ever so imaginary Phoenix Wright a glare* Okay, yes I’ve beaten the second instalment of the Phoenix Wright series. Again, the last few days were spent with me running around like a headless chicken with the investigations and glaring at the screen during the trial whenever I got stuck. Despite the quite strange image, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. With its usual strange cast of character (Director Hotti was so on crack…!) and intriguing and intricate storyline, especially in the last case, I just could not put it down.

Hold it! You are gushing like a fangirl, but is there any cons about this one as oppose to the first one?

Well… this game did feel shorter… maybe because it was only four cases instead of five? And well I did dislike the Psyche-locks. I didn’t particularly cared for them. And well… it was annoying to pause during Ini Miney’s valleygirl talk and Moe the Clown’s long laughters! But those were just minor issues. Overall, the game was fine. The characters were still great, and the addition of Franziska von Karma and her whip… fantastic! XD And Miles Edgeworth coming back… *swoon*

Hold it! You like him better than me?!

…Yes, and don’t you DARE compare me with Wendy Oldbag! Anyway! To end this testimony, yes I love the game, and OMG after Harry Potter (TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!) I shall DIE of impatience while I wait for the third instalment in September!


  1. haha, you are too funny. you make me wanna go dig up some old games and attempt to beat them this time around.

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