Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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The last few days caused me to have under-eye circles. The lack of sleep comes from a mixture of insomnia, the urge to know what happens, and from playing too much video game, especially Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Hold it! So you’re saying this…er game caused you to not sleep?

Yes, this game was just addicting and suspenseful. The more I played, the more I got sucked into it, despite not knowing anything about any legal system.

Objection! What does law have to do with this game?

Well, this game was a game where I took the job of a defence attorney as Phoenix Wright. He would defend the defendant while the prosecutor, Wright’s rival, objected during Wright’s cross-examination of the witnesses’ testimonies. This game had five cases. Of the five, the last two were the most suspenseful and the longest ones in the game.

The gameplay was divided into two parts: investigation and courtroom. Throughout the entire game, I ran into many … strange and interesting characters, ranging from an old hag of a security guard and a strange patrolman who thought he was a cowboy. o_O;; But regardless of the strangeness, that’s what made the game even more intriguing. There was even a character who spoke in “1337 language.” How scary is that?

I loved Wright’s character. He was filled with the most witty comments, albeit most of them he kept to himself. And I also loved Miles Edgeworth, Wright’s rival as a prosecutor. The two of them had a good chemistry during the court battles. The court is not set up in any way of the real-life ones, but it’s a pretty simplistic one that’s quite powerful and speedy, with a three day limit on them.

With all the quirkiness and eccentricities, I could not put the game down. My curiosity overpowered my need for sleep to find out what was happening. But who can blame me? Anybody who likes a game with a good story, great cast of characters, and loves to investigate and fight justice would probably be in the same shoe as myself. Maybe not quite that extreme, but just enough! It was worth not sleeping much for this game. It was a worthy experience.

— PS: Once again, I thank and blame Belinda for this conflicting emotional overview of my current state of condition! XD I blame her for not getting sleep and thank her for introducing me to this wonderful game series.


  1. Belinda on

    Glad you like the game!! I couldn’t put the game down myself! Wright is so awesome, but did you know they replace him in the fourth game with some other dude?! :(

    Anyway, eep sorry fot the non-sleep! ^^;

  2. Jihyun on

    Hi Tara!

    Lol, that sounds like an interesting game. Court game? Eh? I didn’t know those kinds of games existed. Shows you my knowledge of video games. haha

    I am like that with novels that are too good to put down. Sometimes I would get so tired, but I kept reading anyways…and fell asleep and I can’t even remember when I dozed of. >>’

  3. Whoa! That sounds like a crazy game. I could probably get sucked in like that too. Same thing happens to me with other activities I take part in though, so I know what that is like!

  4. I love Phoenix Wright! It’s such a good series. <3

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