The History Boys

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For some reasons or another, I was looking up gay teenager films last night, and this film was one of the ones that popped up in my search. I then remembered that one of my friends had rented it at the video rental place on base, so today, when I found nothing interesting in the PX, quite impulsively, I headed to the rental place. Luckily, it was there, so I took it.

Now that I’ve seen the film, the only thing that’s going in my head is: I LOVE POSNER.

On a more serious note, this film was good. The character interactions were one of the best I’ve seen in any films, and oh man, the dialogues. They were so witty, leading me to crack up quite a few times. And I love how it combined English, poetry, history, music, homosexuality, and feminism (Totty!) as one giant subject matter. Coincidentally enough, those are all subjects I like.

The actors were great. I loved the diversity in the cast and characters. But I was quite surprised to see that a lot of the actors for the students were 25ish. o_O They sure as heck don’t look it, especially Posner! Despite that, I really enjoyed this. Of course the fact of the whole “boys in uniforms” helped me like the film even more. And this just makes me want to go to the UK even more.

After Dead Poets Society, this is quite the best school movie out there.