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Well the seller finally contacted me back on Monday saying they’d refund me the whole shebang. But I seriously do not think they read the email closely since they wrote this:

We sincerely apologize for the error. We have searched our shelves for your book, and unfortunately were unable to find it. We have therefore initiated a complete refund to you for this order. Please, keep the book we sent, at our expense.

o_O;;; I could have sworn I wrote in the email that I only received the receipt in the package and nothing else? Oh well. At least I got refunded! I’m glad that got resolved fairly quickly.

Oh and Happy Fourth of July. I celebrated most of it with Ahmi. We had a sleepover last night. Fun times! Then I decided to watch for the fireworks that was going to be on base. Instead of going to base, I stood outside on this overpass near my house for a good view. I stood there for an hour. Fireworks didn’t happen due to the lovely, rainy, monsoon season, eh… sort of. I wasn’t pleased wasting my time like that, but at least I got some ice cream out of it.


  1. At least you got the money back? I love the whole “badly handled…?” thing.

    I was just looking at “rightful homage” and it said something about University of Maryland…. Asia Division? o.o Is it in Asia? Or is it part of College Park that I don’t know about? *is instate*

  2. I would be thankful that I was able to have the amount refunded but I would still be irritated at the fact that they either a) don’t know how to read or b) didn’t take the time to read my email. Oh well. Case closed. And don’t worry, my 4th wasn’t any better.

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