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I’m really living up my lazy summer days by gaming. Yesterday, I started playing Suikoden IV. It’s too early to tell what my full verdict is of the game, but so far it’s alright. If I wasn’t a fan of the series, I’d not be playing it.

I decided to purchase Suikoden Tactics for $17.95 (new game+soundtrack of some sort+shipping). Yes, I’m a fan of this series. To me, this is my Final Fantasy or Dragon Warriors/Quest. I thought that was a good deal and cheap, so hence my purchase.

Speaking of purchase, I still haven’t heard from that company about my bookless package. If I don’t hear from them by tomorrow or Saturday, I shall be directly contacting Amazon about this and do all that file for reimbursement crap. *sighs*


  1. That (again) sucks. I would be so upset if I had to deal with an issue like that (Amazon). That is funny that you have been playing that game. I used to be a fan of Final Fantasy :) My ex played a lot of Resident Evil, and I also liked that, although the violence would get on my nerves after a while.

  2. You’re going to have a long battle with Amazon. That’s almost like getting your hacked yahoo id back.

    I remember being so excited and addicted to Tomb Raider when it first came out. Day in and day out I was banging that game, while I was pregnant with my 8 year old daughter, lol.

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