I’ve Been Robbed?

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At least that’s what it looks like…

Basically what happened was that I ordered two books from one of the sellers on Amazon Marketplace. I estimated that I would get the package today, and indeed I got the package. A rather FLAT package, that is.

Yes, it was EMPTY. I opened it and peeked in and saw a huge gash on the side of the package, where a USPS tape was covering it. There was also a stamp on the package that said, “Received in bad condition: June 22.”

… WTF. Either someone intentionally ripped the package and stole it at one of the stops it was at, or it was just badly handled and the package ripped and the books fell out somewhere on its way. I’m guessing it was the second option since the package looks like it went through hell… it looks like it even got wet and all that!

I am NOT a happy buyer at the moment. Whatever the case is, I hope I get my money back. I’ve contacted the seller, so we’ll see what happens.

… But dude, if someone DID steal the books, I hope they enjoy my two Baby-Sitters Club book. $#_)*_)*$_)#_)$_)#$__*)#$_ BLARGH!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Coronet on

    Wtf? That’s weird! Did you try contacting USPS about it or whoever mailed it? That’s so strange.. I’ve never heard of packages getting screwed up that badly.

  2. LOL. They stole your Babysitters Club book as if it were Elvis perisables. Were one of them Dawn & The Older Boy?

  3. Whoa, that sucks! I order school books on amazon all the time too. Hopefully things will turn out in your favor.

  4. Jihyun on

    Ouch. That must suck to receive a damaged package. I know some sites say that they are not responsible for damaged packaged “after” it has been sent. The stupid USPS should pay for the damage. >

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