Lazy Summer Days

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It feels so weird having all these free time on my hands. I mean, this is the first summer since 2003 where I almost feel like it’s one of those high school students summer rather than a working, college student summer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still have class on Saturdays, but… with six out of seven days free, it’s almost amazing how much difference this is compared to the last few summers.

How strange is it that previously if I had three days in a row of doing nothing, I enjoyed it. Now, after one day of bumming around, I turn antsy. I need to do something, something active. Luckily I hang out with my friends to keep me busy, but even then, with the few friends left for the summer, where majority of them are busy, unlike me, it’s hard trying to coordinate meetings with each other.

Sure, I have piles of movies and books to keep me company, but some days, I just feel so darn lazy that I just sit and stare at the computer screen instead of doing anything productive! I seriously need a job. I so need to be up and moving, doing something to pass the time. Oi! I’m going to go insane soon, at the rate I’m going. XD Oh well.


  1. Oh, you must be putting up a new layout. I’m witnessing the default wordpress theme, lol.

    I wish I had 3 days of nothing to do. Nowadays, I be wanting to spend my whole weekend at home but every weekend someone wants to drag me out somewhere. I think imma start lying and say that they want us to do some overtime on Saturdays so people can leave me alone >.

  2. Kudarania on

    I wish I were you. I’ve been going crazy with all the stuff I have to do because I’m taking summer school and I’ve been also looking for a job. It’s nuts. I’m ’bout to freak out and throw stuff out the window in an expression of frustration. So … enjoy it while you can. x_x

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