SAHS c/o 2007

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Now another new slew of optimistic and pumped up graduates come out of SAHS. I decided to skip my morning portion of my class to play the tuba part, all quarter notes — making it boring as heck, on the keyboard for the band. It was weird sitting there, watching the graduation today. I just realised that it’s already been four years since my own high school graduation. Seeing this year’s class graduate was just strange. Maybe not strange, per say, but more like surreal.

For those of the students who have attended SAHS all four years and at one point been in the music department, they’ve been with me for all four years of my subbing careers. It’s odd how I have seen many of them just change from uppity (some, not all) freshmen to mature-yet-suffering-from-senioritis young men and women. Amazing how the last four years just flew by.

Regardless of all these philosophical mumbo jumbos, I wish them all my heartfelt congratulations to them. Despite how … some of them annoyed me at some point in the last four years, I wish them the best in their post-high school lives. As much as I want them to go experience their new beginnings, it will be sad not seeing them next year at the high school. The familiar faces won’t be in the hallways or classrooms any more.

Life goes on, though. Once again, Congratulations class of 2007. Good luck in college or whatever else you will do this summer and fall. You guys all made it. ^_^


  1. Four years…that’s incredible. I suppose I’ll be feeling the same way when I begin teaching…

  2. Jihyun on

    Aww, your making me sad right now…sniff
    lol senioritis…I had that starting in …well ever since I started school XD
    I wish I can go back to highschool, life was so much easier than I realized. >

  3. AWW Congrats! It’s such a bittersweet feeling isn’t it?

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