Copying Beethoven

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I just finished watching this film. A film about a fictional copyist sent to work with Beethoven during his last couple years of his life. The copyist is Anna Holtz, her interaction with Beethoven was a roller coaster ride kind. Ed Harris plays Beethoven while Holtz’s character is performed by Diane Kruger. This film was directed by Agnieszka Holland, the same woman who did The Secret Garden (1993), one of my all time favourite films.

Back to the original intent of this entry, this film has two of the most moving scenes I have seen for a while now. I loved the entire fifteen minute clip of the two of them conducting the “Ninth Symphony.” Their facial expressions and they way they moved to the music was just beautiful. And when Beethoven was dictating his hymn towards the end of the film, when the two of them synchronised with each other with all those musical technicalities, terms, and the religious analogies… Gorgeous.

As a classical music lover, I loved this film. The two of them interacted well on screen, and the music flowed well with the film. Unfortunately, though, I will never forget this film’s meaning of “Moonlight Sonata,” any more. *grins* That was just a bad pun. Just watch it, and you will see what I mean.


  1. Heather on

    Oh man every time I pass that movie in Blockbuster I put it back down…. I think I’ll have to actually see it now. Beethoven rocks.

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