Pirates of the Caribbean 3

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Jack Sparrow, no, Captain Jack Sparrow, is PURE LOVE. I want a pirate’s costume now.

I really enjoyed the movie.

My only complaint was that I thought Chow Yun Fat’s character played a major important role in the movie. Well, he did, but the character was not well developed enough.

I am in love with the music. I want the soundtrack.

Bootstrap Turner rocked. I wished he had more screen time!

Captain Barbossa was way interesting in this one than in the first movie.

But Jack Sparrow… GUH!


  1. Jihyun on

    lol, jack sparrow took time to grow on me. He looks good now. xD

    btw, i love your domain name. It’s so funny! XD very creative. :)

  2. Popp's Lover on

    Hi my love!! I got your package today!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! AND I LOVE THE SHIRT! IMMA GIVE YOU 34643436575463 KISSES, HUGS, SEX when I go back ^^ I LOVE YOU, MISS YOU!!

    p.s rice momma

  3. Popp's Lover on

    btw, the shirt fits fine =) Thank you my love!! MWAHHHH!!

  4. Heather on

    Pirates was amazing! I don’t understand how people hated the ending, it seemed like a “Disney finally grew up” movie.

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