End of Term IV

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What a busy week! I subbed at the middle school all week. Along with that, I had to study for my final and write my last paper for the expository writing class. Today was the last class; I went and took the exam and turned in my paper. Now that class is over, FREEDOM! Now to enjoy my two weeks break from school. Hallelujah!

Aside from work and school, I’ve totally become a DS freak. I ordered two more games online, and those are: New Super Mario Bros. and Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends. NO MORE. No more splurging. I think five new games is enough now. Although, I was really tempted to buy a GBA game, a Japanese import of Suikoden Card Stories, but I did not really want to spend 35,000 won at Emart….

Welp, I started on Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, and so far it’s cute and amusing. So along with that, I shall be gaming during my break. Tonight, I’m meeting up with my girlfriends. Sarah, Ahmi, and I will do our sleepover. ^_^ Woot woot! We shall have fun gaming and watching movies. What a lovely way to start my break!


  1. Dark Maylee on

    I crave Nintendogs so badly. Thinking of picking up Pokemon? >_>

  2. Ahh, yay for being on break! I say you deserve a little gaming (and I’ve wanted a ds for some time now – im jealous!).

    Enjoy your sleepover! You can stay up for 3 days straight if you want to, your on break! :)

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