Astonishing Bonus and Horrifying Revelation

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This morning was a fairly odd one. Instead of waking up and feeling lethargic, I received a great news. But then that was thwarted off with an awful epiphany that makes me mad and depressed.

The Astonishing Bonus
I received my pay cheque information for this pay period today. I checked it and instead of expecting the $160 bucks or so, the information said $420ish. After a few seconds of confusion, I realised where that extra money came from. Just recently, every employees at my workplace received a pay raise. Interestingly enough, this pay cheque marked the change in pay and gave everyone a retroactive earning from the beginning of the school year to match the new raise. That’s where the extra money came from, and I must say that was quite a pleasant surprise. I knew there was a pay raise, but I forgot about the bonus since the last pay raise didn’t give me a great bonus like this one.

The Horrifying Revelation
Term V schedule finally came out in the last few days. The only class that really interest me is MUSC 436: Jazz: Then and Now on Saturdays from 0900 to 1600. The scheduled date is from June 9 to July 28. What is wrong with this picture? Well, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming out on July 21. $(#*_)$#_)$*_)#_)%*($_)#_)$*_)#$_)

With the last two books, I bought them on the release day and read it as soon as I got home. I will not be able to do that with that darn Saturday class. That seriously upset and depress me. I’ve been a fan of this series for eight years, and the final book, the grand finale will not be read until I finish that class that day.

*dramatically in a mocking way* Oh the horror, oh the travesty! How can my school DO THIS TO ME!?! Why can’t that awesome music class be on a SUNDAY!?! Not only does that affect the book, but it also affects SAHS’ graduation which happens on June 9. NO. I don’t want to miss this year’s graduation like I did last year! And I have a special connection with this year’s graduating class since they were with me all four years of my subbing careers! They were freshmen when I started, so it’s only natural for me to see them to their grand finale as well! Why can’t classes just be held on Sundays?!

The author of this entry would like to say the following. Yes, she’s upset about this, but she’ll live with the consequences. She knows her schooling is important, and she’ll be a diligent student like always. However, she will not be held responsible for skipping some classes or at least half of the full day session to do what she feels is a necessary must. And no she did not lose her sanity. Please remember that she’s a fan, and she’s human. She’s allowed to express her huge disappointment over a darn book and over a conflict of schedule.

This entry is not only a rant, but it is also meant to be a humorous one since she will find the humour and irony in all this one day.


  1. Woah. That IS a fantastic bonus. FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC! Hope you’re wisely investing your money….in Lindt cakes and shiny disco balls!

    As for the Harry Potter book, I’m kinda over that HP craze, but why not get a friend to buy the book for you (hopefully they’re a fan too and will be waiting in line anyway) and they can deliver it to you? Or else preorder it and get it delivered? Although because it’s on Sat I suppose you won’t get it till Monday… the friend idea is the best one I think!

    Look, I am really confused..what is your DEGREE?! I thought you were teaching – English actually! Why are you doing Music? Are you teaching music? Do you just have space for elective subjects and you’re filling up your degree? Arrr!!!!

  2. Coronet on

    Dude, I’d so skip work/class to go to the graduation. :D That’s really cool that you’ve been subbing for four years now. Dang, time flies.

  3. katnaper on

    How lovely! The bonus I mean. LOL.

    About the book though, I know exactly how you feel. I currently live in the Middle East and they don’t have a place here where I could get a copy if I wanted to :(. Will have to wait till we get back home and keep my fingers crossed that I can get into the late reservations list… wish me luck. :D

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