UMUC Graduation 2007

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Today was the commencement ceremony. I’ve decided to go ahead and walk for my Associate of Arts in General Curriculum degree. I won’t see the diploma till August, but when I do, I will no longer be labelled as a high school graduate.

But what a long day! After I went to the morning session of my Saturday class, after eating lunch, I dashed over to the high school for the rehearsal. Not to mention getting my RENTED cap and gown. Yeah, I don’t get to keep that… at least I get to keep the tassel. Actually, I’m glad I didn’t keep the cap because that cap sucked. It was too big for me, so Elizabeth took like ten bobby pins and pinned it to my hair.

The graduation? …Well, let’s just say it could have been better, but I was still happy. I think the best part was when I went up, I heard quite a few people cheering, I was glad the string students (they were performing there) didn’t scream my name, and I came down to have one of the string student give me a bouquet of flowers on their behalf, I hugged the student, and I rushed over to hug Mrs. Lee. I swear, even at my high school graduation, I hugged her after I came down from the stage. I considered that the best part then and even at this one.

The next best part? Seeing all my professors congratulate me. God, it was good seeing some of them. I haven’t seen some of them for over a year! I was surprised to see so many of them remember me. XD I guess I’m quite unforgettable! It was good seeing Dr. Lazarus, Dr. Lee, Dr. Laugel, Dr. Vorhees, Professor Jung, Professor Johnston, Professor Norris, Professor Yoon, and the list goes on!

After seeing the professors, I caught up with my parents, Ahmi, and Sarah. Ahmi gave me a basket of flowers. That was splendidly nice of her! Then my parents decided to skip the reception, Sarah left for a party, and Ahmi and I headed to the reception and just had some water, lemonade, and dessert! Then I met up with AJ. We went to Sortino’s and had some delicious pasta and Italian pizza. After gorging ourselves there, we headed to Wolfhound and then to Bless U.

Now I’m home. After going through the commencement for my Associate of Arts, I wonder how I’m going to feel next year when and if I do walk for my Bachelor of Arts? I have a feeling, it’s going to be more of an impacting ceremony for me. But we’ll see when the time does come! Right now, I just want to revel in the happiness of today for the next several months… at least until December when I finish up my Bachelor! Ah, happy day!


  1. Eileen on

    =D Congrats, Tara!

  2. Belinda on

    Wow what a day! Our cap and gowns are all rented here as well. I can’t wait for my ceremony, but that’s in another two years. I bet everyone remembered you because you did so well academically!

  3. Where can I rent cap and gown for master degree in UMUC?

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