JAPN 334 Completion and Commencement

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Twelve minutes ago, I finished taking my Japanese 334 proctored exam. That online class is officially over for me, now. That is until I get my grade. Luckily this class wasn’t all that bad. At least in the sense of how HORRID online classes can be! But woot, no more! Whee! I shall now have time to concentrate on my Advanced Expository and Research Writing class now!

Here’s an example of Tara’s stupidity moment. Couple months ago, I debated on taking three classes for term four and five each just so I could graduate in August and walk in May for my bachelor degree. Well I finally decided against it because of many factors and consequences of graduating in August instead of December. I wasn’t happy with that decision since I really wanted to walk this May with several of my friends.

How STUPID is it that last night I realised I could have applied back in February to graduate with my Associate of Arts in General Curriculum degree?!? I have no idea WHY the thought never came to my mind these last couple months. I mean, sure, couple years ago, I debated on walking for my associate, but decided to wait till I get my bachelor. But seriously, the thought did not came into my mind till last night.

Luckily I saw my counsellor today at SAHS, and he told me that I could still apply for the August graduation for my associate and still walk this upcoming commencement on May 5th. Now I really am tempted to pay the $90 to walk next Saturday. Should I? I mean I was planning on walking next year in May for my bachelor, but there’s another factor I should consider: I might not be here next May.

Regardless, I want to walk. Hell, why not walk twice? At least if I apply for my associate, I will no longer be a meagre “high school graduate.” Instead, I’ll be promoted to a “Two-year degree holder.” XD XD I’m hoping that will give me a better job prospect when I start hunting this coming June…

Choices, choices, choices… And stupid me for forgetting about that associate degree! Although, it is kind of funny since the solution to walk this May was right in my face all this time.


  1. Are you in Korea now? I was Mom to an awesome young man from Korea. I know school is very consuming there. He is a procrastinator. I worry about him now that he’s back in Korea. Anyway – it makes sense to get the Associates if it gets you more money in the meantime. Sounds like it will pay for itself.

    Interesting blogs.

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