Skirt Me Away

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Today I wore a skirt for the first time since September 2003.

No the world DID not come to an end. Instead, I had to chaperone Varsity Strings to a reception they were performing. Hence the reason why I had to dress up nice.

So not only did I wear a friggin’ skirt, but I also made a debut as a conductor. A mighty horrible one, but one nonetheless. That was mentally nerve racking and exhausting, though. Thank goodness the VS knew to pull through together really well.

Now I need sleep. O_O;;


  1. O___O You haven’t worn a skirt in that long?? Woah…

    On a separate note, TARA! Is there any way you can get your feeds to run the entire entry instead of just the tidbits?

    Also, what plugin are you using that requires an authentication code for comments? For some reason, my comments span suddenly surged to about 200 posts a day!!! X___x Even with Askimet, it’s annoying.

    Hope you’ve recuped from your VS conducting (I’m sure you weren’t as bad as you thought). Ja~

  2. Heather on

    Wow I like that you know the last time you wore a skirt, AND that its been almost four years.

    But which is worse, skirt or conducting? I would vote conducting.

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