R.I.P. Kurt Vonnegut

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An iconic writer, a literary genius’ death marks the end of a generation.

I still remember discovering Kurt Vonnegut’s fabulous satirical wit in my senior year of high school. My senior English teacher told us that we were to read a new book where we will “either love it or hate it, no in between.” The book was Slaughterhouse-Five. After I opened the book and began to read, I didn’t want to stop. But I had to stop with that class being the last class of the day.

Within the next few hours, my literary viewpoint had changed forever. This became one of my favourite books. It was a thrill to discover that the most impacting short story was also by Vonnegut. Harrison Bergeron was brought into my senior English curriculum again after studying it briefly in 10th grade. Then in college I tried to get my professor to teach this short story in our English classes.

When studying Modernism, Vonnegut’s novel came into my mind for my paper. It’s amazing how much impact this writer made on my education. It’s amazing how much his death saddens me that one of the wittiest writer has to see his end. But as Vonnegut himself would have said… “So it goes.”


  1. Heather on

    Amen to that. I discovered Slaughterhouse-Five my senior year of high school too, and it was amazing.

    So it goes.

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