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Right. I wish I was travelling, but I’ll settle for travelling within my home city. XD Here’s a quick recap of my two-day of “field trips.”

DLI 63 Building

The last time I’ve been there was in Elementary School. I remember going to Sea World and then up to the observatory deck. I did the same thing again, but only this time I saw the city from the deck during the night. Oh man. The view was spectacular. With such views, this is why I’m a city girl.

Sea World was alright. I’ve been told that the aquarium at Coex Mall was bigger, but I don’t really care. I mainly wanted to go to 63 building for city view anyway. There’s just something about the lights…

Seoul Grand Park

Oh. My. Poor. Feet. Yes, after walking about six hours around the zoo, my poor feet hurts! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my time there, but the map did not help us find certain animals, so we ended up walking around in circles a lot today. But aside from those issues, the zoo was nice. I actually enjoyed it more than I probably did as a child. Here are some interesting highlights to note:

* We saw a rhino urinating.

* There was this cutest little baby Moon Bear, and it actually posed and waved when Sarah took
it with her digital camera.

* In the Insectatorium (GAGS), there was this one place where they had a bunch of … worms that people could feel, touch, and learn. O_O I literally screamed and shuddered at seeing all those squirmy, maggoty looking worms.

* I cannot differentiate between a seal and a sea lion from the distance.

* There was a very cranky polar bear…he was lying on his back and kept banging his fist against the door.

* Children, no matter how the zoo is a family place, should not attend the zoo in a horde where the guardians or whoever cannot keep track of them. I saw these children feeding animals their snacks, and I actually scolded several of them to not feed the animals. Grr…

* Otherwise, it was interesting. I think I like the wolves and bears the most. Oh! The baby animals that are being raised by humans are soooo adorable… Even if some of them are probably not babies anymore.


  1. Jacquie on

    Sounds like you had fun!

    I would want to check out the worms, hehehe

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