A Business Dream

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I’ve discovered something I’d love to do with my life in the future. After I accumulate a huge sum of money…

I may not know jack about business and economic, but I still wouldn’t mind going after this dream. Provided I get a co-owner who knows more about business.

As a lover of cafes, video games, and animes, I so would want to own and open a video game/anime-themed cafe. I can already envision it in my head. Nice open area with a lot of windows. Comfortable couches, big tables, and chairs. Wallscrolls and posters everywhere. A manga library. Several game systems in the area for gamers to play with… Even like a monthly contest or anime marathon or something of that sort.

Anime and video game soundtracks would be playing in the background. Heck, why not even have a piano for people to perform live music? Even install a karaoke system for those who want to sing animes and video games song.

That. Would. Be. Awesome.

Anyway, this upcoming week will be filled with activities. Tomorrow I’m going to revisit DLI 63 building with Sarah and her father. On Tuesday, I shall go to Seoul Grand Park Zoo, another place to revisit. Must re-live my field trip days from Elementary school! Then on Thursday, we will hit the rotating sushi bar place in Myeong-dong and hit couple bars in Itaewon. In between all that, I have to really crack down on my school work. Yuck. Bunch of homework and papers to do. I’m glad I decided to only take one extra class this term. The workload for that Advanced Composition class is already too much!


  1. Yingna on

    Hehe…I don’t think I would ever be able to work in an anime cafe. I like anime…sometimes…but not enough to always be around it :P Sounds like a fun job though, if you ever do open a store!

  2. Belinda on

    That sounds fricken awesome! If something like that existed (and if the food is good) I’d be there ALL THE TIME! (@$&)#!!

  3. Chibi Misao on

    Actually, I remember reading about a place like that in Japan (I think), so your dream isn’t that far-fetched. You could open the first one in S. Korea :D

    I’m also drooling at the thought of a rotating sushi bar. Mmm…sounds fantastic :)

  4. Wow, you know, that’s a really good idea. Except then there are the fans that think Pokemon and Beyblade and Yu Gi Oh are the shit… and I say no. Also, I feel like people here (at least in my uni) are all like, Oh no, I’m an anime fan, therefore I’m really young or a geek…

    Or maybe it’s just me…

    Anyway, love the idea. We have a cafe around here that has a lot of Marvel comic stuff around, but it’s not exactly comic-themed. But yeah, if I can choose the anime that goes up, I’ll be your partner stateside!

  5. William.M on

    i still think you should do this it would be fun to have an anime cafe around in USA, and in all the states so come an make one.

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