Spring Break 2007

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Well, sort of.

SAHS’ spring break starts tomorrow afternoon. So I’m on break from work, but not from school. How pathetic, eh? XD

Although I only have my online class and my one face-to-face class. I’ve decided to sign up for ENGL 391 – Advanced Expository and Research Writing, which meets every Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

… At least I don’t have a Sunday class as well. I am not doing that whole classes on both weekend days again. That was HORRID and with getting up at 6am everyday for the majority of the eight weeks? NO. I refuse to go through that torture again.

So hopefully this term’s schedule will be less rough? Although I envision spending a lot of time writing on the computer… including a 2000 word research paper for my online class by April 20th. BLARGH. I want to write something about Yakuza, but I don’t have a specific topic persay! And I need to choose a topic that will guarantee me a minimum of five sources.

… So next week, during the break from work, I shall be spending my time researching and writing. Great. Fun. Exciting. Not really. Just gag me now.


  1. Jacquie on

    Well, my life’s torture has just begun…

  2. *gags you* Eheh :P

    I’m on break from my school too! WOHOOO!! (erm, that’s what you meant right? The school you’re teaching at is on break?) But bummer about your Sat classes..then again, at least you’ll now have time to concentrate and focus on your uni stuffs. How long does Spring Break go for?

  3. Belinda on

    Oh eeeew weekend classes. Have I mentioned how impressive your work ethics is? I don’t know how you keep it up.

    I’m on break too but also for me, not much of a break. I have three essays that needs to be written during it, and each essay is worth almost half of each course. Gaaargh.

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