Exciting Sleepover

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So I survived an awesome sleepover after that long nap. XD Ahmi and I met at Sarah’s place. We started the night off with ordering some funky Korean pizzas from Mr. Pizza in her neighbourhood. $40 for two regular-sized pizzas. X_X;; A rip off, but at least it tastes good.

Throughout the night, till 2:30am, we did the following stuff: (I can’t remember what order we did them in now…)

* Watched Enter the Phoenix. Ahmi and Sarah hadn’t seen it, so I bought it over. At least they enjoyed it!

* Watched at least four or five episodes of Ebichu. That was on crack… holy crap. XD I am never going to think of hamsters in the same way any more. X_X;;

* Watched all the Men on Films flicks from the In Living Colours television series. Oh. My. God. Those little flicks were awesome. I loved it. Could not stop laughing at all.

* Created Miis on Sarah’s Wii. I had a hard time controlling that darn remote for a while.

* Watched some clips of Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess. Still have no desire to play the game as well as the other Zeldas, and after watching her play some parts, it looks difficult with that damn remote thing. BUT. The music rocked. I want the soundtrack.

* Educated Ahmi on some topics… XD

Then we all woke up by 11 today. After eating breakfast till we parted, we played with Sarah’s Wii some more. We started off with Wii Sports. I like the bowling and the boxing one. I didn’t bother trying the tennis or the baseball games.

We continued on with Wii Play. Screw Laser Hockey, although the fishing thing was fun. XD The cow driving thing was difficult, and the tank one… let’s not go there.

Then I wanted to play some levels of Donkey Kong Country 1 on the Virtual Console. Oh man… memories!

But the best part about the “overrated and hyped up” Wii? (Honestly, until the next game, I wasn’t impressed with the Wii and even before finally trying it out, I was just sick of hearing about it.) Wario Ware: Smooth Moves. I’d so get a Wii just for that game. That game is utterly on crack. Nintendo got some strange game makers. XD XD

Ah, fun sleepover. I want to go back to Sarah’s place just to play Wario Ware. I am not ready to buy my own yet since I have no money and no time to play games. I want to play that game!


  1. Yingna on

    Sounds fun :)

    My friend has the Zelda game on Wii and she says the nunchuck or whatever you call it isn’t that hard to control after you get used to it for a while. Like, all you really have to do is flick your wrist or something :P

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