…The Hell?

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Okay, so I don’t check my blog for a damn week or so, and I come back to it broken, with none of my themes compatible with Word Press.

…The hell happened that fucked my codes?

…It was fine one minute, and then boom it collapsed on me.

…What is next in store for me?

…Everyone live with this default WP layout for now. If I ever get around to creating a new layout, expect that in ten years since I will never understand WP’s evil coding of doom.


  1. Corrupt data? I heard someone else had a problem when they upgraded WordPress. Did you upgrade recently?

  2. Belinda on

    I’m trying to deal with wordpress’ coding now myself and it’s NOT pretty. Ugh. Sorry to see this happen to you! Did you do backups lately? maybe you can get the layout back to how it was before?

  3. O___O omg, noes! That sucks! =( I’ve never heard of a problem with upgrading… but maybe a file is corrupted? =/ Man, sorry to hear it. But don’t worry too much about a layout, you’re busy after all, and there are cute pre-made ones now…

  4. WAH! Man!! That’s insane!!!!! I hope all your coding stuff isn’t lost and can be sort of, put back into place without too much hassle..maybe..oh I don’t really understand this coding business!!

  5. Lan-Anh on

    I thought I’d come to the wrong blog *__*
    Poor you- I’ve always found WP to be really reliable. Are you sure no one has hacked you?

  6. Eek, I hope there hasn’t been any hacking! ;o;

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