The Old Capital

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I just finished reading a book The Old Capital by Kawabata Yasunari. This was read for my book review I need to write for my online Japanese life and culture class. I finished in a couple hours of speed reading, but I understood mostly what I read. BTW, it’s translated in English.

What a fantastic read. After reading this, I may discover the beauty and joy of Japanese literature. As an English major, a future writer, and a lover of words…this was just a beautifully written book. The craft of this is just… words cannot explain. The symbolism, the intricate subtleness of representing the old versus new is beyond word.

This is highly recommended. Now I just need to write a 1200 ~ 1600 words long book review. Fun fun fun…


  1. Yingna on

    Good luck with the review ;) Be happy it’s not 5000 =D

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