Louis Armstrong FL and IFSM Midterm

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I created a new fanlisting on Louis Armstrong. Hopefully that will be the last fanlisting I create in a while.

On my last entry, I wrote that if I ended up with an A on my IFSM midterm, I’d have a heart attack. I almost did. I just hoped somebody knew CPR in my class…

Seriously, Ahmi and I both scored 94. Thus we had the highest grade in the class. This is freaky. This is the first time, in one term, where I scored the highest in my class on the exams. Not only in one, but both of my face-to-face class. o_O It’s just an odd feeling.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Haha, you’re on a roll with these exams :D

  2. Jacquie on

    YOU WORRY TOO MUCH!!! Geez woman, you need to CHILL.

    Congratulations though ! ! ! :)

  3. WOW Tara! =O You’re amazing!! Congratulations!

  4. Belinda on

    Oh squeee congrats!!! It’s pretty amazing how you juggle such a fun schedule yet also get such top marks! :O

  5. Congrats, TC! Go TC!

  6. Yingna on

    Be proud =) Congrats!

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