Bible Midterm and Snarky Ring

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I rocked on my Bible as Literature midterm…to the point that I had the highest score. I beat all those people who read the Bible more than me! Seriously, I wasn’t expecting that result. I literally looked like a fish when my teacher told me that. Okay, even though I ended up with a 99.1%, that was with a curve. However, even without the curve, I would have still received an “A.” It’s all good. But still I did end up feeling good when my teacher commented that it was pretty impressive for someone who’s new to the whole Bible stuff.

…Now I just wished I could feel the same confidence as my IFSM midterm. I know for SURE, that won’t be an A. If it is… I’ll have a heart attack.

After class today, Sarah, AJ, and I trekked down to Insa-dong. AJ told us about this place where they customise sterling silver rings with Korean and American letters. Being intrigued by it, we went down there today. It was awesome. For $23 bucks or so, I can have a ring with whatever engraving I want in a preferred colour. For the last few days, I had trouble deciding on what to get. Well, once I got there, I decided on “SNARKY” in green letters, representing my normal mood and the fact I’m a Slytherin. :3

It’s an awesome ring. I want one more with Reiji or Flik or…or…whoever else I adore in blue. Sarah and I will go back to Insa-dong on this coming Friday. With that day being pay day…I want to get another ring and maybe even a bracelet. Woot!

On the flip side…I’m going to be subbing for the next two weeks. *sighs* What an awful timing to get somewhat of a long-term job. Not when I have two exams, two (not ONE as I originally thought) term papers, and a book review due on the 17 (Bible class term paper/exam), 18 (IFSM term paper/exam), and 19 (JAPN334 Book review). Oi. Woe is me. That’s excluding the homework and other work I have to do. …But I can handle two weeks of pressure and hell. I’ve been in worse and survived…just barely! But I can do it. Woot.

(Notice the lack of enthusiasm…)


  1. Yingna on

    Could you refresh my memory again about how subbing is in Korea? In the US, in the primary education department, subbing basically means give the students what the teacher left and then do whatever you want the rest of the time.

  2. Yingna on

    You sub for colleges then? I thought you subbed for middle schoolers…?

  3. Yingna on

    Please ignore me. I was thinking of post-secondary education (college)…in reality, I’m not as dumb as I seem…or at least, I hope.

  4. Jacquie on

    Now you can give me Bible lessons! hahaha I go to church twice a week but I’m not that knowledgeable :)

  5. Chibi Misao on

    Yaaay! Congrats on your exam grade! ^__^ And that custom ring place sounds really cool.

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