Rabbit Escape and Term IV Schedule Debate

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Hey, my subject line rhymes! And I didn’t do that on purpose. Anyway, my rabbit had an exciting day…while I wasn’t home. Upon arriving home, I went in my room, dropped my bookbag, and then looked at the cage. It was open, and I ran to my parents and said, “Where’s Grumpy!!??” Apparently when my mum went to give Grumpy some lettuce, she didn’t lock the cage, so Grumpy decided to venture out on her own.

We found and chased her. When I picked her up, I felt her ears, and they were hot, indicating she ran around and got exercise. After putting her back in the cage, my mum said, “Now that would explain why there were cats at the bottom of our apartment complex yowling.” Yep, they must’ve smelled my dear rabbit and got excited. Luckily I didn’t see any electrical cords or my books chewed up. And we haven’t seen any “surprises.” It was kind of funny though, since my mum denied opening the cage today, and tried to blame me when I fed her this morning. Right.

Okay, now for my classes debate. Term IV for face-to-face classes came out finally. With that, UMUC Asia and Europe online classes, I have these classes to choose from. Also, I have to consider the fact that I need 3 more English classes, 2 upper-level electives, and 1 lower-level elective. From the English classes, I need to make sure I take at least one upper-level, and I need a genre and British author course. These are the class list:

Face-to-Face (From April 2 ~ May 26)
* ENGL 391: Advanced Expository and Research Writing; Every Saturday @ 0900 – 1600
* KORN 105: Introduction to Korean Language and Culture; Mon/Wed @ 1800 – 2100
* HIST 483: A History of Japan Since 1800; Tues/Thurs @ 1800 – 2100

Asian Division Online Classes (April 9 ~ July 6)
* ENGL 304: The Major Works of Shakespeare (Qualifies for British Author requirement)
* HIST 364: Emergence of Modern America: 1900 – 1945
* JAPN 105: Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture
* KORN 105: Introduction Korean Language and Culture
* KORN 333: Korean and Life Culture

European Division Online Classes (April 2 ~ July 1)
* ENGL 345: Modern Poetry (Qualifies for Genre requirement)
* ENGL 419: Major British Writers After 1800 (Qualifies for British Author requirement)
* HIST 337: Europe in the World Setting of the 20th Century
* HUMN 334: Understanding Movies

I know for sure that I feel compelled to take ENGL 391 and ENGL 304…but the idea of doing Shakespeare through online is making me feel ill. Not only do I have read his plays, but I also have to buy or rent the film adaptations of the plays. That class is planned to do Henry V, The Merchant of Venice, Macbeth, and Much Ado About Nothing. Except for the last one…I am not looking forward to the other three. Also the idea of writing research papers…darn it, I’m a creative writer! I hate essay writing. X_X;;

Another factor to consider all this is do I want to do shorter face-to-face schedule or endure a horrid, never-ending online schedule. X_x;; I also have to remember that if I do take more online classes, the terms overlap one another, especially between Term IV and V. For online, Term III ends by April 29, Term IV starts in April 2 or 9 ending in July 1 or 6, Term V starts in June 4 and ends in August 19. YUCK. So at one point I could have anywhere from 3 to 6 classes? Ugh…

I am almost positive that I will take ENGL 391 and ENGL 304, but I don’t know what my third option will be. I’ve been wanting to take JAPN 105 the last two terms. I could just choose that and get out of it, but another thing that helps me decide on the class is the syllabus. I need to see the syllabus and see what turns me on or off about what I expect from the class. Like if a class has group work (Through online? That’s like asking for trouble.), I won’t take it regardless how much I want to.

*sighs* Choices, choices, choices. Also, can someone explain to me why my current Bible as Literature does not count toward the genre portion of my major?! Had that count as the genre credit I need, I would only have to worry about making sure I obtain the darn British Author credit, and take whatever is available. One would THINK that the Bible is its own genre…but not my Uni. Anyway, comment? Question? Advices? *dies* I can’t wait till this is over.


  1. Out of curiousity, what do you study in Bible class?

    And that chase with your rabbit sounds absolutely ADORABLE!

  2. Jacquie on

    Yeah the credit system with you-em-you-see sucks now…they need a complete revamp on it.

    I took ENGL 291, which is the lower level equivalent or should I say an intro class to ENGL 391…believe me, YOU DO NOT want to take this class. The Shakespeare one might be fun though.

    HIST 483 is okay, I took the 482, or the first half of that Japanese history. The later one is more exciting because I don’t think you would want to study about feudalism and samurais either.

    Why not consider ENGL 419?

    I still got the book from my KORN 333 class, if they are using the same textbook. You are more than welcome to borrow it.

    Take whatever class you can because you-em-you-see is falling apart big time because of crappy enrollment numbers. Graduate ASAP. I know it’s hard, but we gotta do what we gotta do to survive. You have Mr. B to “thank” for making our lives harder than it already is.

    And tell your mom I don’t think Grumpy opened the cage on her own either. :) Rabbit chase…weeee…wouldn’t have minded that since I’m bored…

    I’ts 3am and I’m still bored. I may not be thinking right, just made my bathroom run for the night…if you need to fire away I’ll be on base late Thursday for some research…I’m craving for a Vanilla Latte


    If you need help with Shakespeare, ask me! You know me and Shakespeare. We’re “involved.” LMAO. Macbeth is my favourite play, and I was so psyched when we had to read it in Lit for 12th. The Merchant of Venice is actually a comedy, and I do agree that Henry is a bit long… and boring (well, it IS a historical), but there are GREAT soliloquies that come from it and gthe storyline is actually rather intense. Once you get past the first act of the play, it gets interesting.

    There are a lot of Shakespeare adaptations that you can watch in movie form. It depends on if you have to watch the “real” thing, or if it could just be, you know, derived from them.

    Like, for Much Ado About Nothing, you can watch the version with Emme Thompson, Kenneth Brannagh, and Keanu Reeves (and laugh at how Keanu can’t do Shakespeare for shit!). With Macbeth, there’s the Mel Gibson version. I’m not so sure about The Merchant of Venice, but there is definately a film or two on Henry V.

    There really are better plays out there to do. (Twelth Knight, The Taming of the Shrew, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Henry VIII, Othello, Tidus Andronicus, Comedy of Errors, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Pericles, Antony and Cleopatra, Hamlet… just to name a few. LOL)

    But seriously, that Shakespeare class? I’d DIE to take that class!

  4. Dark Maylee on

    Running with rabbits!

    Robert Sean Leonard was in that 1993 movie of Much Ado About Nothing and today is his birthday. :P He wasn’t too great in it though. He could have done better.

    Macbeth was good, but when I had to do it for class, I LOATHED it. I think I’m not suited for studying Shakespeare. I prefer just reading his plays.

  5. Popp's Lover on

    I love grumpy.. that rabbit is so funny.. I remember grumpy stuck to your t-shirt.. BWHAHHAAHAHHA..=) I want some rice.. Saranghae!! MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  6. How long is this post?!? D’=

    *skims* You’re buying an xbox 360 to play online with me? Ok.

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