Cheque Happy

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Last month, I finally did my own income tax return. As a economic dumbass, that was a difficult procedure. I did it, though. Almost even cheated myself couple bucks because I chose a wrong choice…but Dad caught it, and I had to redo the whole form. When done, I chose to have a cheque be sent to me since I like the idea of a cheque coming to me!

Well, I received the cheque, today. WOOT! $170.80! I will save $100 bucks in the bank for school purposes, and the rest of it will be spent buying random stuff from my wish list at AMAZON! Here I come! I didn’t even buy myself a birthday present, so this shall be my late birthday present.


  1. Have fun shopping =) I don’t have a job…so I don’t get tax returns. But, my sister has to do hers as well =D

    Do you know what you should do one day? Get all your money in singles. And then throw them up and roll around in them.

    I saw that on TV.

  2. Oooh, ‘free’ money- lucky you! How about sending some to the Lan-Anh charity?jk ^__^

  3. Woohoo, monies are always good :D It’s like winning the lottery, tax returns I mean, except of course you already earned the money… :P

  4. Hehe, I love doing my tax and setting that figure to the left keep increasing. :D

    I’m hoping to hit $2000 this year.

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