Speedy Delivery

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My Illustrated Children’s Bible came today! That was faster than I expected. In fact, it came before my Bible as Literature midterm for this Saturday! Of course, that’s not going to be my actual “study material,” but it will let me review stuff “story-wise!”


  1. Hey you, remember me? Probably not since we haven’t talked for a while…make that a long while. I’m sorry I haven’t been by your site lately. Been way too busy and preoccupied with a project of mine which is completed. Anyways, I see you’re doing well, and I hope it stays that way. Anyways, talk to you laters.

  2. Aww no picture of the bible on Amazon! :P I’d like to see what kind of illustration it’ll have.

  3. I TOTALLY had an illutrated children’s bible growing up. WAY better than the real bible, let me tell you.

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