Painful Soles

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I guess after what I went through today, not only was my “soul” in pain, but also the “soles” of my feet. Sorry. Bad pun! XD

I suffered through my six hours Bible as Literature class today. We covered the Book of Esther, Nehemiah, Daniel, Susanna, and Jonah. I actually liked the Book of Esther, but regardless of that, sitting there, waiting for class to end was pure torture. Especially since I was looking forward to what was going to happen after class.

After class, I met up with Sarah, AJ, and Sarah’s friend, Brian. The cool part? We are all animes/video games fan. How awesome is that? Very. We met up at Gate 10 of Yongsan, went to Dragon to eat at Oasis. Three of us had “fancy” burgers at a Mexican restaurant. How weird, eh? Sarah had this fajita thingie, and on the sizzling pan, there was this big ass pepper. AJ just HAD to make a comment, a very sexual one, about that pepper. I swear I turned three shades of red while giggling my butt off.

Then we headed to Yongsan Electronic Market. We walked around there for quite a while, and I discovered a new anime store, thanks to AJ. I had no idea that existed. Now ask me to find it again…I won’t find it. X_X;; Well, we walked back to Shinyongsan station, and Sarah and Brian went to her house to do their stuff, and AJ and I were originally going to walk to the bus stop near the base.

Upon arriving there, we decided to walk all the way to Itaewon. We hung out at Subway of all places after I got some hot chocolate at Dunkin’ Donuts. That hot chocolate tasted funky. I guess it didn’t help that they made it in the microwave. x_x;; Well, we stayed at Subway for a while, and then we decided to head home. She caught the bus, and I walked home.

Now, my feet are in pain, but it was well-deserved pain. It was an interesting day. I love it when different people of same interests get together and be geeky and nerdy together. That’s awesome.

The highlight of the night? At one of the places in Emart, there was these two double doors. On the left door, there was a sign that said “Use Right Door.” On the right door, there was a sign that said, “Use Left Door.” That was definitely a WTF moment. AJ even took pictures, and I don’t blame her! That was a Kodak moment.


  1. Awww, I love geeky days! <3 They are the best! It sounds like you had a good day despite the feet issues and the (microwave?!) hot chocolate.

    I want a door like that! It would be really amusing.

  2. You know…the times I read stuff like this, I SO wish I was back in Korea. I’d like to go outside and either shoot myself or buy a plane ticket to Incheon right now. Dammit… Glad you at least had a day off.

  3. You were in sneakers though, right? And not high heels?

    I know how it feels though. Especially if you walk all day in heels (I did that in the city once).

    The door thing is cool =) Like Alice in Wonderland.

  4. Oh man, I miss Emart. :( Glad you had fun!

  5. are you a hard core gamer!..we share a few feelings there!

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