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Oh, man, now I know how older people feel with all these new changes that continue to come out! Well, something like that. What I really want to say is, how come all these DVDs are coming out and I didn’t know about it?!

DVDs like this?! Or this? And even this? How is that I did not know about these releases? These are like the symbolism of my childhood! All those after school shows and Saturday morning shows with Duck Tales, Dungeons and Dragons, the original X-Men, Doug!

…Oh, man, I am so glad I don’t have a credit card. Otherwise, I’d be in a huge debt right now.

Seriously, though, I want that Are You Afraid of the Dark? DVD sets. Now if only if I can find out it’s close-captioned or not… And yes, My Little Pony and Care Bears…I was typical “girly girl” once.

Speaking of childhood shows, if they ever bring The Wonder Years onto DVD, that’s going to be pre-ordered. I loved that show. I want that show. But first, it needs to get out!

Ahhhh the late 80s, and early to mid 90s were the best in terms of cartoons. *_* Even older stuff is good like Rocky and Bullwinkle. Who can blame me? I grew up with these stuff! With Natasha and Boris. Fractured Fairy Tales. Smurfs. Ghostwriters. Tiny Toons. Ghostbusters. Inspector Gadget. Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Denver the Last Dinosaur. Bobby’s World. Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre. Lamb Chop. AUGH! I am torturing myself! Going down memory lane is a dangerous thing.

…One of these days, I should compile a list of stuff I liked watching when I was young. Even if I did probably list most of them above.


  1. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK!!!!!! I used to watch that too!!!

    So’s Inspector Gadget, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Smurfs, Tiny Toons, TMNT, Denver, waaaaahhhhhh

    The cartoons nowadays SUCK, although I do like Cow and Chicken and Johnny Bravo…

    Duck Tales, woo-hoo!

  2. Chibi Misao on

    I felt a wave of nostalgia reading all of those cartoon titles. And I used to have a My Little Pony :D Ahhh…those were the days!

  3. I grew up with Pokemon, X-men Evolution, Cardcaptors, Arthur, Donald Duck, the Animaniacs, Digimon, etc.

    I know what you’re talking about in terms of memory lane. Recently, I found Digimon (all the episodes) uploaded onto Youtube and watching it is like going down memory lane…it brings so many things back. Remembering certain things I watched when I was little is also funny. Like, I used to watch a show called Big Bad Beetleborgs (I didn’t actually remember the name, but I knew the channel, so I checked it up on wikipedia). There are so many forgotten shows out there…ah…

  4. Its no wonder that old TV shows on DVD sell better than new movies. OR so I heard. And definitely, I have Rocky and Bullwinkle on DVD.

  5. Doug!

  6. Ohhh, these cartoons were the best. There are so many good ones out there!

    Haha, I watched a couple episodes of Super Mario Bros Supershow on a friend’s DVD set, and it was pretty bizarre to watch it so many years later. But I definitely want to pick up some of these DVD sets to relive my childhood. Ahh! ^_^

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