Atheists Are Not Strong?

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Go here to read parts of the transcript and watch the video of the CNN clip.

I am hopping mad with anger right now. What kind of discussion is that? Two Christians and a Jewish person? Uh… excuse me but if the topic is about Atheism, shouldn’t an Atheist or something be there? And why not an Islamic person? Buddhist? Hinduist? That was NOT a balanced panel at all.

Honestly, I was watching this with mild annoyance at first, mostly directed to how the people in the beginning were being discriminated upon. I was still doing okay when the discussion was getting heated. The only thing going on my mind was “Damn…how many times did they say ‘shut up’ here?”

Up till a certain point I was just sort of “blah” towards the stupidity of the whole situation. However, I truly resent this comment Debbie Schlussel said.

“Look where there are more atheists and where they’ve lost God, where the church is not that strong. Europe is becoming Islamic. It’s fast falling and intolerance is increasing. That’s the one reason our country has not become like Europe because we have strong Christians and because atheists are not strong. And I think that’s a good thing.”

First of all…I had no idea Europe was being Islamic, causing it to fall apart and increase intolerance. Second of all… “Atheists are not strong…I think that’s a good thing…” WTF. This is SWELL coming from a Jewish person of all people considering the fact that they’ve been persecuted well throughout history.

…There are no words to describe my disgust and anger at that comment and to the fact that CNN even put this crap on television, to just basically talk trash about certain groups without including the said group into the panel. It just infuriates me that they talk about United States being a Christian nation, a nation founded on the basis of tolerance, only to see this kind of crap.

I don’t know what else to say. It is just disheartening to see such attitudes against any religious group. Persecution and discrimination sucks. Actually people just suck in general. *sighs* Oh, what is the world coming to…


  1. That is complete and utter shit. how can CNN run something like this bullshit on the TV? And not even INCLUDE a member of the group being defamed?

    CNN has obviously not done their research if they say “Well, we tried, but we couldn’t find anyone.” That’s horse shit. Yes, atheists have different beliefs in and of themselves, so it would be pretty hard to get an OVERALL singlular opinion or core belief system.

    HOWEVER, it seems as if these people were stating opinions, as an editorial, so ONE Atheist should suffice. One, or a dozen, you’ll get some that agree, some that don’t, and some that are in the middle. Atheism is one of the most diverse religions out there (if you consider Atheism a religion, the belief of not believing). You could take all the Atheists in America, and you would need at least three football stadiums and the Crystal Cathedral to see how many Atheists are actually in America. (Okay, maybe I stretched it a bit, but you get my point.)

    Secondly, Europe is becoming Islamic because there are more ISLAMIC PEOPLE LIVING THERE. Most Europeans are like the Japanese, they don’t adhere to religion. They might say their Protestant or Catholic, but are they really? In Europe, religion isn’t about what Church you attend or what kind of car is in the church parking lot, it’s about what’s in your heart. Europe is more tolerant of people of different races, religions, colour, and sexuality than America is. That is what Europe is. You cannot express an entire CONTINENT based off of the refugee and immigration numbers. You cannot express an entire continent based off of what another country believes. Different cultures have different viewpoints. You cannot condemn one society without condemning yours. Each has it’s pros and cons.

    Take Sweden for example. EVERYTHING is paid for by the government. Health, prescription, doctors, surgery. They have EXCELLENT health care. However, their taxes are upwards of 30% come tax time. THIRTY PERCENT. Try THAT shit in America.

    Britain is a beautiful place to live, wonderful culture, the birth of most major musical genres from the 60s on. But their food SUCKS. Who would want to eat BLOOD PUDDING?! Certainly not I. This stems from the face that during the winter, it’s dark at TWO THIRTY IN THE AFTERNOON. Whose going to want to go out to the store to buy a chunk of rotting meat when it’s that dark out at dinner time?

    Her viewpoint was extremely biased, based off of a tunnel vision and the belief that her way is the right way. She sounded stupid and ignorant. She was certainly the dumbest person on the whole panel, which made up of people who were ignorant and intolerant in the first place.

    What she said is something akin to Kanye West saying that George Bush doesn’t care about black people. She opened up her big, fat mouth, and she must now pay the consequences for being so stupid and boarish. Anyone got a pitchfork?

  2. A friend of mine recently wrote about this on his livejournal and I basically agree with his (and your) sentiments. It’s pretty appalling what bad press atheists get. :(

  3. Blanket statements said about atheists makes me said in the same way that blanket statements about other religions on television. =( I wish that there wasn’t so much discrimination!

  4. dayze-estelle on

    wtf? they’re speaking about atheist based on their minds! i dont know what has gotten into these people.

  5. I agree 100% with what you just said. Not too mention that Christians are one of the most intolerant groups of people on the planet. That woman needs to shut her mouth. Go too almost any foreign country and ask them what they think of America and they will tell you that we are a god-less nation. Every single Christian beleives that all the other Christians are going to hell just because that they believe differently than what that person believes. Half the Christians ignore what the Bible says anyway. When you go to church you hear about God sending everyone in to hell, you dont hear that GOD LOVES EVERYONE!!! Then you get the people who say: “God talks to me.” Why in the world would he talk to you, when he didn’t even talk to the Virgin Mary, he sent an angel too her (the mother of Jesus) but he’ll tell Joe to go and kill people who have adortions??? Christians do so many bad things in God’s name. It really makes you wonder that if thoes people are the ones who are going to heaven, then do we really want to go there?

  6. Ah! It’s been a while since I last commented…

    Anyway, that’s an interesting video. Not balanced, sure. The women were just annoying. I liked the man the most, because he knew that people HAD the rights to act how they acted since America was supposed to be tolerant.

    The thing about this is…America was founded on the principle that church and state were supposed to be separate. That’s the main issue here. Church and state really aren’t separate if you still have “God” written in dollar bills, pledged during school, etc. So, those ladies–no, women–there need some wake-up calls. I mean, do they not even know the reason WHY America was founded? One of the main underlying reasons?

    Plus, I thought the remark that prayers should still be in school, HAHAHAHAHA! There would be SOOOOO many people against that. I, for one, would be like, “WHAT THE HECK?! You’re going against the laws of the country!!!” I consider myself somewhat agnostic, but I’m definitely not religious at all. So if someone made me do prayers, I would consider that forcing missionaries upon the school.

    A lot of people in NY, from where I come from anyway, are open to atheists. I’m thankful for that.

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