Long, Winded Term

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As I look at what’s on my agenda till August, I just want to curl up and sleep away all the hassle of school and work I will endure. Heck, just looking at the next seven weeks is making me cringe with dissatisfaction.

Without weekends, when will I have time to recuperate? I guess sometime during the weekdays? I don’t know. I just feel… so… out of it. I feel like everything is hitting me in the face all at once. My classes are boring as a rock. Bible as Literature on Saturday, Hardware and Software Concepts on Sunday, and Japanese Life and Culture any days of the week.

…I already want this term to be over with. I did not enjoy my weekend classes. No. I doubt it will even get better. I shall be an eternal pessimist. Bah humbug.


  1. Wah your days are so packed with activity! If you can, are you able to drop any of them? You’ll seriously burn out and that’ll just make everything disastrous and you’ll break down! Remember to somehow squeeze rest and de-stressing in there!

  2. I’d rather take ALL your classes right now than the Sat-Sun 9am-5pm graduate school class for the next three months woman. :(

    That I can’t wait to get over with and go to a normal school!

  3. Wow, 7 days of classes? That would definitely wear me out. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like your weekend classes either =T That’s a downer. Good luck with everything though!

  4. You really are a trooper to work all week and then take weekend classes. After a few weeks you’ll harden and never be tired again! :p

  5. Blah, I know how you feel. I haven’t had a “weekend” in about a month now. RIT weekends = time to catch up on schoolwork. I barely have time to wipe my own ass and I end up feeling overwhelmed and panicky a lot. That’s probably not good, butttt oh well. :)

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