Spontaneous Hair Colouring

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Being SICK of having my natural hair colour since last November 2005, and preferring lighter colours for my hair, I went to a beauty salon in my neighbourhood and dyed it after paying the dudes $30 bucks.

End results? I like it. It’s lighter. But it’s stinkin’ orangey. It is SO not Gold Blonde like I wanted. Then again, I never get the results I want with my hair. Every time I dye it, it turns out orangey. Oh well. I still like it. I just wished it wasn’t orangey!! Orange is not my favourite colour, obviously.


  1. Popp's Lover on

    I wanna see your lovely hair!! I bet it looks SEXY on you!! bwhahahhaha.. I miss you~

  2. morningstar4 on

    I’ve been told it’s very difficult to lighten really dark hair and have it come out NOT orange. My natural hair is pretty dark (not quite as dark as yours, if pics are anything to go by, but fairly close), and I get mine lightened, but I only lighten it to another shade of brown. I’ve never tried to go blondish, because 1-blond hair would look hideous on me, and 2-I know it’ll come out orange and I’ll hate it. Your hairdresser should have told you the color wouldn’t come out right if you tried to go that light. But…if you DO like it, despite its orange qualities, then that’s good! :)

  3. Yes we have morning glory even in the philippines! I love the morning glory shops here in sydney.. i’m so addicted to them! they’re all sooooo cute! :D and cheap too!

  4. It seems common to have dark hair come out orangey; I had to have mine colored 3 or 4 times before it looked kind of blonde, and it cost me several times more than what you paid!

  5. Yeah I want to see it too! Orange sounds interesting.

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