Stationary Stores

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I’ve discovered that stationary stores are a dangerous place for me. Apparently, I love the little trinkets and office supplies they sell there, and I go crazy.

I went to Morning Glory in Steak (Sookmyung’s Women University area, aka Sookdae Ibgu. Try saying that FAST and it sounds like Steak in Korean or Japanese pronunciation.) to buy some small magnets for my magnetic white board on my computer desk. I got sick of writing down stuff with dry erase markers, so I’ve decided to resort to writing stuff on small pieces of paper and stick it with magnets.

…Well, I found the magnets. Along with them, I bought index cards, two extra index card rings, and a little memo holder with memo papers. All that cost me 7,000 something won. About seven bucks. x_x;;

But this gave me a reason to organise my desk…so now the desk looks organised, somewhat! But good god, if I didn’t have my practical-I-need-to-save-money brain with me, I’d gone crazy in there. How sad is it that I derive pleasure from stationary stores?!

Now that I have my index cards, I plan to create flashcards and learn Japanese. Whopee…damn those characters for looking all alike to me.


  1. i love morning gloryyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

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