Birthday 2007

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Yesterday, the day of my birth, was very interesting. XD I had a fun time at SAHS, that’s for sure, and I felt loved. XD Then in the evening, it was a blast, too. Here’s a recap of yesterday.

Money, Money, Money
My mum wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday. Being the flat broke person I am and in need of paying off my phone bill, I asked for $100 bucks. I received that, and half of it went to the phone bill and the other half went to the partying section. Simple gift, and I received it.

Christmas Gag Gift and Birthday Gift
I went to SAHS, and Elizabeth gave me my belated Christmas Gag Gift and the birthday present. The birthday present was one of the bath set thing (lotion, shower gel, etc). The Christmas present was in a BIG box, so I was wondering, the heck did she get me? Well, it turned out to be variety of candies, and four boxes of my favourite instant Yakisoba. XD She knows I love those and that those are HARD to come by. That cracked me up. Yakisoba for Christmas gift. XD

Serenade and Ice Cream Cake
During second period, String Ensemble serenaded me with the birthday song, along with a solo violinist. Mrs. Lee also provided two ice cream cake. I had a slice from each of them. I felt loved in there. XD Although, ice cream cake in the winter… hrm XD Come to think of it, I think this is like the first time I had ice cream cake since … 1997? But I was happy and grateful for Mrs. Lee’s kindness! ^_^

More Serenading with a combined Birthday Party
I went to visit my three favourite students (of that department) and they serenaded me, too. :3 Then one of the vice-principal’s birthday was the same as mine, so the front office people planned a surprise party for her, and I was invited. Went and filled up on chicken, kimbab, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, Spanish rices, cream puffs, and more cakes! One of my friend brought both me and the vice-principal’s cake. Mine was soooo cute… I didn’t want to cut it, but I took a picture of it before I did. But the best part was the “Better than Sex Cake.” It was SINFULLY delicious. I took some of that cake to couple other teachers.

Katsudon, Helios, and Bless U
I met Sarah for dinner. I finally decided to just go to Yongsan Fast Food. We crashed into Elizabeth and her family there. It was amusing. :3 Sarah and I both had katsudon and yaki mandoo. Then we trekked off to Helios. She had a cocktail called Monkey’s Lunch, and I had one called Kahlua Freeze. Both were very interesting. Then we headed off to our usual, Bless U. We stayed there for several hours and had fun. But both of us had a long day of work, so we were exhausted, so we ended things at 11.

This was a very amusing birthday. Many people wished me birthday through Facebook, Myspace, LiveJournal, and even through my cellphone. I had plenty of nice surprises yesterday. I wished yesterday had not ended!


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Ack! It’s not the 19th where you live anymore, so I’ll have to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday then! Sorry for the lateness!

    I’m glad that you had what seemed like a wonderful birthday with all of your friends and lots of yummy things to eat ^__^

    Happy Birthday again! :)

  2. Well I can honestly say I was not one of the many who wished you! :D

    …that really shouldn’t be so much a happy smile as a really guilty smile. I never knew! Why wasn’t there a Birthday Warning Entry??

    Anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How old, how old???? Man, I don’t even know! Is this 21? That is huge! It’s great you had such a fantastic day, good memories to be had (I’d like to see the picture of the cake that you took!) Two cakes in fact! – how cool! And being serenaded? Man I hope you have pics of everything!!!!

  3. Dark Maylee on

    Happy belated birthday. Hope this year will be a memorable one (the good kind). :D

  4. dayze-estelle on

    hehe happy belated birthday! you sounded like you had an awesome day ^^

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