Japanese Movies/Animes Marathon

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Watched three Japanese films and a two episodes OVA anime series…here’s a brief review on them.

Synchronise Swimming?! I never even knew that sort of thing existed till I watched this film! All I can say is that this film cracked me up so bad. At one point, my parents even came to the room and wondered what was causing me to act like a hyena. Seriously, I recommend it. It’s hilarious, filled with fun characters thrown in some bizarre situations. Now, I wouldn’t mind checking out the TV series.

Angel’s Feather
Prettyful animations, prettyful boys, but like most OVAs? TOO SHORT. From what I understood, this one was based off of a boy’s love video game, which will never be translated into English of course. It had potential. I wanted to know more about the Kingdom of Winfield, and all that. It was dreadfully predictable as to who were the antagonists… But seriously? Two episodes? That’s it? *sighs* Great voice acting, though, with Midorikawa Hikaru and Yamaguchi Kappei to name a couple!

Swing Girls
As a fan of jazz music, especially big band swing music, and a player of the saxophone, I enjoyed this flick. I wasn’t surprised to see that this one was directed by the same director who did Waterboys. As a matter of fact, this one was filled with bizarre and amusing scenes. I liked the music angle. This was fun to watch, but hard to believe those girls came that far to perform all those pieces so well at the end O_O. But I was glad to see that the actresses and the sole male actor in the band, all played the pieces instead of faking it to dubbed music! At the end, “Sing Sing Sing” was just wonderfully played.

…Uhhhh…I was just confused by this film. Especially the ending since there were so many interpretations to take! This film bored me…I think it didn’t help that the picture quality was shotty to begin with. Maybe it’s just some kind of cultural differences in filmography, but this just didn’t do anything for me. Even with the whole homosexual elements, I just wanted the film to end already. Honestly, despite the confusing ending, I have to say that the last fifteen minutes of the film, with Soji telling the story of the two men creating the vow was the only really moving part of the movie for me.


  1. Teehee, my friends and I watched Gohatto a few years back, with lots of girlish screaming and giggling due to the many homoerotic scenes. But hmm it was confusing to me too. O_o

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