Charlie Brown Week

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That’s the best way to describe my week. At least work-wise. Won’t go into details. It was just that whole Lucy holds the darn football out and yanks it away situation with certain issues. What a lovely first week of work coming back from break.

Today was an all-time low with me scraping my knees AGAIN at the Middle School. I swear, I must be cursed with that place or something. *sighs* Ouch.

Also, today, I finally registered for classes. They are:

* ENGL388Wa: Bible as Literature, Saturday 9:00am ~ 4:00pm
* IFSM 310: Hardware and Software Concepts, Sunday 9:00 1m ~ 4:00pm
* JAPN 334: Japanese Life and Culture II, ONLINE

Not only am I not going to have a weekend this term, but *sobs* I am so broke. Thankfully, dad paid for the three classes and will let me only pay $400 bucks, but I am down to $100 bucks in my bank account. I feel so effing poor.

Just by this entire week, I feel like work-wise and school-wise, it’s gonna be a horrible year. Which is ironic since I thought since I’d graduate this year, it’s gonna be a great one. Well, I hope things turns better, but I am not going to hold my breath for it. X_X;; This is WHY I refuse to be optimistic! This is why I prefer to be pessimistic since if things do go badly, I won’t feel so horrible about what I highly anticipated.

On the flip side of this week, I made and met a new friend via Livejournal. Not only is she an anime/manga fangirl, but she’s also a slash/yaoi fangirl, AND she majored in English herself. This means that if I ever want to vent about English-related topics, I’ll have someone who knows what the heck I’m talking about and can sympathise with the pain of the subject. XD

I met her yesterday, at Hongdae University area. My purpose was to just show her Toonk, the only manga store I knew until yesterday. After perusing through Toonk, we walked around the area and found one more manga store and an artbook store. It’s amazing what little exploring does.

I hope next week is better because the week after that, school starts. And it’s my birthday next week. So I have every reason to get a happy week. XD …Yeah, I wish. I can’t even party for my birthday with no money. Just shoot me now.


  1. Thank you for the comment!

    I took a Bible as Lit class last semester; I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoyed mine. ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! :)

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