I’m Plagued with Bad Luck

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…Today was NOT my day.

$(#_)*$_#)*_)$_)#$*@_#$(#$()&#)$((_#$ Anybody want to give me money? Yeah, right. I wouldn’t accept it as charity case, anyway.

Darn money and all its problem in the world, including my life. Darn for college books being expensive. Darn to everything in my life at the moment. x_x;;

Okay, maybe not everything, but I seriously felt like the bad luck cloud was over my head all day today. It didn’t help that crap continued to happen one after another.

What a lovely day to experience…on my first day back to work, too. *sighs* Enough ranting. Time to drown my sorrow in … … something. Sleep sounds good at the moment.


  1. Jacquie on

    I’m facing SOL too. I was only given 2 months extension on my visa, unless I can miraculously enroll in a Korean university for grad school by March. Yeah right! So I will have no choice but to sign up at Troy U under the conditions that I will have to retake the damn GRE (that’s $175 right there) because I didn’t score so well last year. Fuuuuckkkk…

    And I have no choice but to do grad school in Korea. *sighs*

  2. morningstar4 on

    I’m sorry you had such a bad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  3. Heather on

    Its true, money ruins almost everything. I’m sorry you had such a bad day but that just means that the next day is going to look better.

  4. Off to some suikoden v healin?

  5. Sorry you had such a crummy day sweetpea. Ugh – college books are so overpriced it’s ridiculous!!

  6. money makes the world go ’round as they say. sad but true.

  7. *Hugs* Don’t worry, it will be OK. Money is evil & is there to make our lives miserable :(

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