ASL Me! Social Butterfly Me! New PS2?

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Aside from certainly ugliness of the world, the start of 2007 for me has been awesome. First off, I finally got my membership thing for an honour society I applied for membership way back in May and again in August.

Yep. As of December 20, 2006, I’ve joined the Tau Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda at my college of University of Maryland University College. How awesome is that? And hopefully, by the time I graduate, I can join another “prestigious” honour society. XD I simply just rule. XD Yeah right… let me get off of my high horse now.

Social Butterfly
This entire week is filled with stuff to do with various people. Actually, my entire winter break is filled with non-stop activities almost. Already I did the following things:

The last two/three weeks in December:
* Hang out with Tina a lot. I swear, I laughed A LOT with her. I’m surprised I didn’t end up with a sore diaphragm.

* Hang out with Ahmi and Sarah. Ahmi went to Japan for a month. Lucky her. I wish I could go!

* Went hanbok shopping with Sarah and Kaitlin. (Kaitlin is Sarah’s friend who visited Korea for a week.) I was amazed by how cheap they got their hanbok. Hanbok, btw, is Korean equivalent of kimonos, but apparently more comfortable? We trekked down Namdaemun to find it. Then we went around Itaewon and had dinner at Don Valley.

* Met Eugene, the last time for a long time. We went to Helios in Itaewon and discovered that it was actually very nice. A bit pricey than the normal range I’m used to but it was worth it. Then we went karaoke-ing and sang our song which is Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.”

This week alone:
* Yesterday: Went to eat dinner, hang out at a cafe, and went to two hours of karaoke-ing with Sarah and Kaitlin. I love no rae bangs (karaoke) here! Such awesome selection of songs.

* Today: Met up with Jenny. Went bowling. Scored a decent 117; not bad for someone who only bowls like twice a year. Then we wandered around EMart. Then we went to 어쩌구리 (Uh-Jjuh-Goo-Li) to just drink and talk for a while.

* Tomorrow: Meet up with Christine, a friend who I only see like once a year… x_x;; Even though we live only like twenty minutes apart! Probably will do lunch and hang out thing!

* Saturday: Meet up with Sarah and do our obligatory “end of the break from work” thing by having dinner and going to Bless U.

o_O Good thing I’m not doing very expensive stuff! Otherwise, I’d be bankrupt to the core!

New PlayStation 2?
While I was in EMart today, we asked about the PlayStation 2 price. The slim ones, including the ch!p, is $170. Theirs are the Korean brand, but apparently, with the ch!p, it can be region free. HRMMMM. Tempting. Very tempting. Don’t get me wrong, my old, first-released, fat PS2 still works, but I’m worried it’s gonna die one day. Either that, I can get an American one on Amazon for $129.99, and I want the silver, slim one! This is just something to think about in case my PS2 dies…the drive thing seems to act a bit weird at times, but it still works.