2006 Review

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

Here’s my typed up account of this year…all in summaries. Quite a busy year as usual! ^^

January: I helped Sarah move from on-base to Dongbu Ichon-dong. That was quite interesting. I got into Super Mario RPG on the emulator…and then I got stuck. I lost my television to my mum for a couple weeks. I had a moron trying to hit on me. I celebrated my 21st birthday with friends, and I lost 50gigs worth of animes and movies from my computer. On the other hand, I did get a new internal hardrive. I survived my first online class, and I had a bunch of movies to watch.

February: My friends and I went all the way to the other end of Seoul to see the Titanic exhibition. That was so worth the trek. There was a snow day this month. I discovered I hated my philosophy class with a passion. But I rediscovered my love for the winter olympics and an awesome chocolate box. This was the month I decided to order the Animorphs book I didn’t have in my collection.

March: I created “Modulation,” my fanlisting collective where I spent quite a time fighting with Enthusiast. After that, I went to create couple more fanlistings. Daddy and I ended up not using the same computer for a while, thanks to a wireless router. I ended up watching a couple new animes. School-wise, I was HAPPY to complete my philosophy class. I completed Tales of Symphonia. I saw Back to the Future trilogy. I even applied for my first scholarship which I did not get! XD

April: Ghostbusters and Mirage of Blaze were watched. I ordered a Wolf’s Rain messenger bag. I house-sat and watched Sarah’s bird while she went to China. I struggled through my evil math class and commute to Osan while I suffered taking an online class. I was quoted at RBJ, made a PS4 fanlisting, and watched ToP anime OVA. One of my high school and college classmate died by committing suicide. To end on a lighter note, I went to see Curious George and went downtown to watch the Lotus Latern Festival.

May: Hell month from doom with two jobs and three classes filled with many exams and projects. The artroom at SAHS nearly burned down, and I almost subbed in there, too. I spent most of my life in the bus this month. I attended UMUC 2006 graduation. I had a lot of address issues to deal with it. I discovered my hatred for JavaScript and dropped my online class, ending up getting my first C in college, and another B. Hated this month, and I hated the new job’s location.

June: Created two fanlistings: Marco of Animorphs and to Lee. I became addicted to the Care Bears for a while. This site received 100 grand hit! Aside from the senior prank excitement at SAHS, World Cup was going on, and I ended up with an awesome new phone with a sobriety tester. I also met JJ in real life, which was just wonderful. Last but not least, I spent seventeen days this month re-reading ALL the Animorphs books.

July: My modem power supply kaputed on me, so I was internet-less for a day. I created more fanlistings to Mamahara Ellie, Kimberly, and Tobias and got a very strange comment on my blog. I had major issues with paycheque problems, and I also got my first mp3 player for free! I was on another gaming spree to beat Tales of Symphonia again and played other games on the Gamecube. This was monsoon season of hell. Also, I went on anime and movie marathons with Gakuen Heaven, Princess Princess, and etcetera. Lastly, I experienced getting fired from a job. Yay.

August: More anime and movie watching marathon occured this month. Stuff like Rose of Versailles and Wolf’s Rain are just a few to name. Spent this month enjoying my summer break with Tina, and I went on adventures to buy cheap textbooks. Oh and my domain’s birthday happened again. I made yet another fanlisting for Fuzzy Navel. XD

September: The month of the dental visits. x_x;; Was put on a liquid diet because of that! To prepare for Halloween, I planned and bought stuff for my Slytherin costume. Created two more fanlistings to my two favourite manga-kas: Honami Yukine and Honjyo Rie. I also attended my first Oktober Fest at DHL. I also discovered this month that I did not care for Business Writing and ended up even creating a new word to describe it: Hiffy.

October: Discovered that Facebook was infinitely better than Myspace. Dreamhost updated my hosting package again! I finally got off my lazy arse and watched Brokeback Mountain. Sarah, Ahmi, and I spent the night at Sarah’s place to celebrate their birthdays. We had fun with Apfelkorn. I actually learned how to play some riff on the guitar. I experienced a not-so-good day for Friday the 13th. Thanks to Sarah, we discovered that Golden Cadillac is an awesome cocktail drink. Gaming wise, I finally started on Suikoden 5. And I wore my awesome costume where half of the people thought I was a Gryffindor. x_x;;

November: This time we spent the night at Ahmi’s place, and it was fun. Actually saw snow really early this month… which must have signalled my computer to die because the processor burnt out. T_T;; However, I beat Suikoden 5, loved the freaking game to the point that I adopted the fanlisting to be the new owner! I even was inspired to finally beat Suikoden 3. Yay! For my fanfiction archive, I finally converted to eFiction…which was quite a confusing process if it wasn’t for Belinda.

December: Feels like the beginning of this month dragged forever. I did decorate a Christmas tree this year; helped Sarah with hers. I went to SAHS’ Winter Concert, and it was wonderfully performed. I was happy to finally finish my classes up and am looking forward to the long break. I bought a new game for myself: Sega Genesis Collection and started playing Phantasy Star IV again. Made my last fanlisting of the year, to Tir McDohl. I met Sarah’s friend Kaitlin. Saw Eugene again. And of course, hung out with Tina. Even saw Jenny, someone I haven’t seen in the last couple of years.


  1. Sounds like it has been an interesting year! I remember when you posted about losing all those GB of anime, even now the thought of it makes me wince!

  2. wow, that’s quite an account of your year, very detailed.

    anyways, happy new year to you and your family and friends in 2007!

  3. Popp's Lover on

    YAY!! I saw my name twice!! hahahahahaha.. I feel special!!=) 사랑해!!!!

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