Christmas 2006

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I spent Christmas Eve, last night, watching Charlotte’s Web. I had low expectations of that movie, but I was thoroughly impressed with it. And I even created a new fl to Tir McDohl.

Then, after midnight today, I helped take care of my sick mum. I finally fell asleep at 3:30 am. I woke up at 11, and I got online, did my stuff, help around when I was needed, and finally vacuum my room.

I had invited Sarah to come have a Christmas dinner with us since she lived by herself. She came around 6, and we fooled around with Zelda and some of the games on Sega Genesis Collection. It seemed like it was well emulated, which I was happy about.

After the dinner, she and I walked around Itaewon, spending thirty minutes looking for 3 Alley Pub. After we found it, we decided to check out Bungalow…where I heard they had chairs and tables on top of sand. Well, that part was true, but we didn’t expect the drinks to be expensive and also be taxed upon.

Oh well. All in all, it was a strange Christmas this year. It just did not feel Christmasy at all. Ah well. Happy Christmas to everyone else, though!


  1. I don’t think I’ll ever go see Charlotte’s Web because I cried my eyes out during the cartoon movie, when i read the book and I’m sure I’ll cry watching actual PEOPLE act out the scenes.

  2. Charlotte’s Web!!! I want to see that movie!!! I watched the cartoon movie like 100000 times. The ending is quite sad, but I didn’t cried XD

  3. I had no idea there was a film of Charlotte’s Web- is it anywhere as good as the book?

    Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas despite it not feeling Christmassy :)

  4. Popp's Lover on

    My christmas sucked.. I had my period.. my cousin was a pain in the ass.. but I did get some $$$.. haha.. but the best part was SNOWBOARDING!!! =)

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