Term 3 Classes Debate

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I. Am. Not. Happy. With. This. Upcoming. Term’s. Schedule.

I seriously am not. Here I am, with nine more classes to go before I complete my BA, and I am struggling to find classes that I can take. These are my choices…and do excuse the military time.

Face-to-Face Classes ~ January 22 to March 17
* BMGT 380: Business Law I @ Tues/Thurs 1800 ~ 2100
* ENGL 388Wa: Bible as Literature @ Sat 0900 ~ 1600
Business Law textbook cost $135.00 #&*$#()$#)#$)*)#$ *inserts angry face*

Online Classes ~ January 29 to April 29
* HUMN 334: Understanding Movies (Have to rent or buy eight movies X_X;; including the textbook)
* JAPN 334: Japanese Life and Culture II
* SOCY 300: American Society

AUGH! Yes, I can just take the two face-to-face classes and have no problems with it, but I swore to myself that I’d NEVER take a business, accounting, economic, or management classes, and Business Law does not cut out for me at all! Not to mention, LAW?! Government in itself is a foreign concept that I will never grasp in my lifetime. Plus, the book’s price nearly gave me a heart attack today when I looked it up online.

The choice of the English class thrills me just as much as I want to go get a flu shot. Bible as Literature? For an Atheist like me? For someone who don’t even have a clue on reading that book? GROWL! Unfortunately, I will end up taking it…no choice there, really, since that’s my freaking major.

As for the online classes, they are pure evil, and to be considered a full-time student, I have to take one face-to-face and TWO of those. The workload is extremely brutal (especially if taking more than one), and it’s so long compared to face-to-face class. Twelve weeks?! Okay, maybe the movie one won’t be so bad, but…nine movies? And most of it are old stuff? *sighs*

I honestly could take four classes next term (and die in the process) and then I can be eligible to walk at the May commemoration, but I know what will happen if I end up doing that. I will end up crying, breaking down, and obtaining B or below to ruin my GPA. Oh, and I will have no life between doing that and still doing my volunteering/subbing. All the consequences would suck, so I think I shall stick with two or three classes a term thing…even though I really want to graduate by May.

Great choices, huh? Not in my opinions. Maybe I will take my dad’s advice and go demand for more upper-level electives that are not business-oriented.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Weeelll, at least your online classes seem really interesting :) Also, I had to take a class once where the Bible was studied as literature, and it was actually pretty interesting when you study it as a text instead of as a religious text. Maybe your class will work that way.

    Don’t overwork yourself! *hugs*

  2. Popp's Lover on

    hi my love~ I’m leaving today and I can’t wait to see you! MWAHHH!! Anyways, I read about your classes and I honestly think business law is not bad. I dont know if I told you but I’m taking business law right now and in fact.. my FINAL is in 3 hours.. haha.. but yeah~ You learn about interesting stuff. I sure as hell had fun in that class. I learned about when to sue someone, how the court system works, and you hear about weird/funny/interesting cases. hehe~ I didn’t learn anything about goverment law and all that junk. But I dont know~ =) You should consider taking it..plus~ you never know if that professor will be cool as mine^.^ Well, I have to leave now so I’ll see yah 2morrow!! MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  3. I vote for you to take the following:

    ENGL 388Wa: Bible as Literature
    HUMN 334: Understanding Movies
    SOCY 300: American Society

    That’s because Business Law is hard and unless you have taken some BMGT 100 course, it is very unlikely that you will understand most of the stuff. Seriously.

    You don’t want Jap Life and Culture Part II either unless you have taken the Part I.

    Have pity on yourself.

    You see, it’s the selection of the elective classes that killed my 4.0 GPA because I made the wrong choices (by reasoning that it’s the only classes available that I can take, blah blah blah)

    NOTE: GPA here in KOREA don’t really matter for most people; they still look at your appearance first before they give you a job and not care whether you’re a dumbass bimbo as long as you’re white.

  4. Don’t stress yourself out. Take things nice and easy… the real world will always be waiting. :)

  5. *pat pat*

  6. Good luck chosing something! Those classes sound pretty fun, theology courses are always interesting due to people just getting so pissed off and edgy if you say anything against Christianity in them. :)

  7. What course are you taking up?

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