Not Dead

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Winter symbolically means separation, with death being the ultimate separation. Right now it’s winter, and I’m still alive. I just hadn’t noticed how fast time went by. It only felt like yesterday was December 3.

I feel dead though. I feel so…burnt out. Why does it always happen around this time of year? I keep telling myself that 11 more days left before solace and freedom comes, but it seems so near and so faraway.

I guess this burnt out syndrome doesn’t help with all these crunch times coming up. Sometimes I wished I wasn’t an English major. I am essayed out to the max. At least the essay that’s due tomorrow will be a slightly more fun one. I just have to apply literary analysis to Dead Poets Society, one of my all-time favourite film. Must get that out of the way now.

So my schedule in the next couple weeks looks like this:

* December 13: English essay due.
* December 14: SAHS’ Winter Concert.
* December 15: Tina arrives in Korea.
* December 20: English final exam AND last day of work before the hols.
* December 23: History term paper, essay, and final exam. After that, PAARRRRRRRRRRTY.

I can’t wait till the hols start. Work doesn’t resume till January 8 and school till January 22. The long break will be nice.

On a random note, I find myself addicted to Ocean Spray’s Light Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. Strange. I never liked it before. I guess the tangy taste appeals to me.

On another random note, I ordered some Christmas presents to myself, seven new yaoi mangas. Whee!! Can’t wait till that comes.


  1. Ahh, you’re so close to your holidays! Good luck on the exams! ^_^

    Ohhh, I know how you feel about essays as a fellow English major. You can make it!


  3. Ok, the nex gen consoles are all out now. You, me, one of the consoles, hardcore rpg online gaming!

  4. I totally feel you. I really need a holiday – its been such a long year.

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